California to require K-12 students to be vaccinated against COVID-19

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Good. With any luck this will take some pressure off the local school boards who’ve been under siege by sado-populists and anti-vaxxers.


Hopefully other states will follow suit.


There have been immunization requirements to attending public school almost since public schools were establishing in the states (here for anyone with insomnia, are the Washington State laws regarding immunization requirements for public schools in that state) So if anything not requiring this basic prerequisite for attending public schools would be setting an (ugly) new precedent. (( …can’t @#$ barely imagine any parent not insisting their kids be protected… sigh))


Already the qnuts are circling the wagons, sharpen the pitch forks, and lest we forget another recall of Gov Newsom!


After already having wasted 300mil the last go-round, I don’t think they can…


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It looks like California is one of a handful of states that don’t have personal or religious exemptions for vaccination.


Good. Now for the popcorn as I watch some people melt down over “tyranny”.


This is great; though it is kind of depressing that they are talking about vaccinations 3 months. When will this pandemic finally be over? It is a rhetorical question, of course; that answer is, when everyone gets vaccinated. :roll_eyes:


Qnuts, republicans, and oldskool antivaxxers will just use this as an excuse to defund public schools. Then argue that since the underfunded public schools are failing, we need to dump more taxpayer money into Christian charter schools. That way they get both an inferior conservative education, and directly reimbursed by the state at whatever rate the charter feels like charging.


If anything Newsom seems to have spent the last couple weeks riding the high of his post-recall voter vindication by doing all the things his would-be GOP usurpers never would. And good for him.


Follows right along with the California State University system requiring the jab. Univ of Calif, too. #worksforme


Betcha Jay Inslee (WA) wishes he’d thought of this first. Go Newsom!


That’s a logical fallacy. That schools require immunization against some diseases doesn’t mean that they can or should require them for any disease.

Otherwise they’d have to do this for the flu, too.

That’s a great idea!


On an abstract level it is indeed not correct. In this case, though: if they require them for less common diseases it sure as hell makes sense to require them for a disease that has a safe vaccine in the middle of a global pandemic!


That’s not a logical fallacy at all. (says one who has been forced to teach category theory) If fred eats a whole lot of fruit, it doesn’t violate logical construct to state that one may presume (while not conclude) that fred eats apples as well. Assumption from tendency is not a violation of logic, it’s induction from set correlation not deduction.


There are big employers who have issued vax requirements, like United Airlines and Novant Health in North Carolina. They have found that out of tens of thousands of employees, despite a bit of moaning and whining, almost all but a few hundred have gone ahead and gotten the shots. Mandates work, and school mandates have decades of evidence behind them as well.

Antivaxxers are desperately hoping that people will fall for the concern troll line – “oh, if you only try harder to persuade people, if you only listen harder to what they have to say, they’ll come around in the end.”

The press loves both sides narratives and either ridiculously elevates the dumb counterarguments or allows subject-changing dodges, and there are ridiculous numbers of reporters, editors, producers and on-air personalities who get their egos stroked by entertaining the dumbest self gratification that comes from carefully accommodating anti-vax viewpoints. Stupidly, they think it’s savvy to treat conservative viewpoints as a protected class that needs special treatment.

This kind of thinking is slowly getting beaten down, but it’s ridiculous how many fake centrists and edgelord contrarians still hold the line and think the problem is everywhere but with the right wing. Good for California for finally treating a pandemic as a pandemic. I only wish we had gotten even more serious more quickly.


As someone who stopped getting the flu vaccine 4 years ago because I finally admitted always got sick for at least a week and a half (to the point of having to miss school or, now, work) starting 1-2 days after getting it, every year for 20 years, no it isn’t.

Note: my comment above is not about the covid vaccine, only the flu vaccine. I do hope we start having an mRNA based annual flu vaccine soon, though. And lots of other new and better vaccines.