California urges all COVID-19 vaccinated adults to get the booster

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Holy sh%t, someone’s taking it seriously for once.


We got the boost jab last Saturday, Dear Wife got a slight headache, I had 3 days of fever, plus every muscle in my body was charley horse sore. It’s Thursday, up and about but still feeling about 75% of my normal.

P.S. To qualify my experience, my immune system is compromised, so I expected some side effects.


There should be more data available now than when the initial recommendation came out, but at the time the vote of the FDA advisory committee wasn’t even close. They were strongly against recommending boosters for everyone, especially young healthy people, for which there was very little safety data on boosters at the time.

I hope that the California health officials who are getting ahead of the FDA/CDC on this are basing their decisions on good data.


Scheduled my booster earlier today, for just barely six months after my last dose. No point fooling around, as the next couple months, no matter how careful I am, will necessarily involve more exposure to other people than I’ve had in a while.

It’ll be interesting to see if my reaction is better or worse than the first two shots. I felt a bit crummy after the first one for a couple days, and heard stories about people feeling worse after the second, but the second wasn’t as bad.

And my understanding is that the new data suggests boosters are helpful for everyone, thus this decision.


I’m not disagreeing, but do you have a citation, especially when it comes to safety data on young people? The lack of such data was a main sticking point for the FDA advisory committee.


I had mine the week before Halloween (Pfizer #3), and it felt like someone hit my arm with a hammer for a couple of days afterwards. Otherwise, I didn’t notice any other side effects.


My booster appointment is tomorrow. I suspect here in deep red, high transmission risk North Alabama (54.3% 2 doses vaccinated), the pharmacies aren’t turning anyone who requests a booster away, just get those shots into arms.


Can they talk to the folks at Kaiser? I just checked their site, and they are only providing boosters to members who meet the CDC criteria.

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There was vaccine-specific research that showed booster benefits for all adults and no safety concerns, and I’m not sure if the thinking is that this is sufficient proof this will hold true for all vaccines, or if they’re relying on more general research that indicated that.


I am a Kaiser customer as well but had my shots done at Walgreens. They’ll get the records.


The Kaiser interpretation of the CDC criteria are pretty wide. I think “overweight” is on there as is “former smoker,” which covers well over over half the population. Login to your account to and see if you can schedule a booster using the automated system. If not, e-mail your primary care doctor.

Not in California, but I just looked over the CDC’s criteria to get a booster. Shockingly, my asthma just started getting considerably worse.


I am guessing that there is a surplus of vaccine in California nearing expiry, so it would make sense to use it for boosters as opposed to letting it go to waste. That way the stock can be replenished for when the hesitant (finally) get vaccinated.

(I got my booster at the county fairgrounds, same day appointment, no questions asked on age, eligibility, beyond “when was your (Moderna) second dose?” Mild soreness was my only symptom. My girlfriend was out of work for a couple of days as a result. Both of us are volunteer first responders.)


“Obesity” is on the CDC description, and the government definition of obesity is tight enough that if you’ve ever even wondered if you’re considered overweight, you probably are.


I’ve been trying to decide whether to get one or not. I don’t know if I actually qualify but…


Look at the COVID rates in Vermont - a huge percentage of their population is fully vaccinated, but as it has gotten colder, outdoor activities have waned in favor of indoor activities, people have relaxed their behavior in order to visit friends and families, and the Delta Variant has pushed their infection rates to record highs. A winter surge is coming, no matter where your live. Don’t get lazy about this.


Just scheduled my booster after reading this earlier today.


The second pfizer shot had me in bed for a day. About 10 hours after the shot I got hot and cold, teeth chattering cold. That lasted for several hours and then I was just tired because I slept so poorly. But I said I would do it again if they said I should.

I called my cardiologist about the booster just in case there was something about my condition that I didn’t know about, he said get the booster.

Got it yesterday, same reaction about 14 hours after the shot.

My kid and her husband got the third Moderna shot she was really sore but he spiked a 103 fever for a few hours.

We’ll all do it again if our doctors advise us to.

They seem to be allowing anyone that wants a booster to get a booster. I meet the criteria because of my heart, my wife does not, we answered all the questions truthfully on the application. The only thing they really checked was the 6 months.


Yup, no plans to give up masks or to start eating in restaurants or any of that back-to-normal stuff. This is feeling more and more like “normal” now.