Campus cop orders students to scribble over penis on a "free speech ball"


Well, then my husband and three older brothers are lying, too? :wink:

Actually, I suspected it was my smart rocker dude, who seemed to be going through a phase. I got a cryptic apology from him the next year after he was busted for smoking pot.


My eldest son, on some social media thing, has a chat group that they have called “penis-chatter” or something similar. I asked him if it was a homosexual group. He said “No!, of course not”. I then asked him if any girls were in the chat group.


Purple Urchin? (with poor quality gonads)


I agree completely that it is an ongoing issue. I was more making the point of an extreme viewpoint that seeing a scribbled penis somehow is a traumatizing situation. Which it shouldn’t be. and also that the cop really wasn’t a dick about it (pun intended) and more just wanted to avoid a more troubling situation before it happened.


Also appropriate.


I have updated the list.


We need more penis in free speech media, balls especially.


Excuse me, but it’s called “The Green” now.


What gets on the front page of the newspaper is an editorial decision by the editor, and has no bearing whatsoever on what agents of the state can restrict people from saying.


Won’t someone think of the children !

How will they ever learn to draw cartoon penises properly unless we adults show them how.


Are you telling me you’ve never heard of the Nuremberg Penis Rallies???




I hope this doesn’t morph into another Hitler’s genitalia thread. Yes there was one.


Only one?


The cop had no business getting involved, that’s prior restraint, or close enough that it doesn’t matter.

Now, another student intercepting said ball and chucking it somewhere inaccessible and stating the obvious, “Your ball is dumb,” that’s just good fun. A ball isn’t just a newspaper, it’s an opportunity for a game of keepaway.


Is it covered with ivy and riddled with silverfish?


You could have stopped after the second paragraph, but nooooo…


You, sir, are on a roll today!


Generational, probably.

This whole “cartoon cock and balls drawn absolutely everywhere is hilarious” thing simply didn’t exist when I was at school in the 70s/80s. It isn’t that we weren’t into crude/dumb humour, or that we would have had any particular objection to it. It just wasn’t a meme back then.

Now, it’s apparently universal throughout school systems worldwide.


I’d say he’s on the ball even!