Can we talk about the MCU's "overdesign" problem?

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the narrator is correct. he is nit-picking.


I think Thor’s outfit in Love & Thunder was supposed to be over the top. He only changes in to that outfit when Jane shows up, trying to impress her.


I agree with most of what he said. I’m surprised that he didn’t concede that comic book costumes have to be simple, because the poor artist has to draw it six times per page for 21 pages. (eg., some post-Ditko artists hated having to draw Spider-Man’s web pattern on the costume over and over). But when it translates to screen, it can have more detail, and, for the sake of looking larger than life, it has to look more alien/high tech/mystical/mythical than your average fan cosplay costume does.

As a graphic designer-illustrator, I appreciate simplicity and readability however. I agree that there is a homogeneity to Marvel’s costume designs that make them look like they all came from the same mix and match costume factory. Wakandans look like Asgardians look like aliens look every other hero (and villain). I’d love to see the costume design shaken up in a fresh way.


I just hope the “everybody has Nanotech based costumes now“ trend has finally played out. There was something nice about the tangibly of Iron Man having to take his suit to the shop after a battle or knowing that Peter Parker was in big trouble if a bad guy crushed one of his web-shooters. Not to mention the implausibility of an entire suit’s worth of nanobots fitting inside a necklace.

Besides, who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned prima donna costume designer?




HARD agree with a lot of his points.

In particular, the tendency in the MCU to add random seams, flaps, and cut lines for no apparent reason has been done to DEATH. I understand the need to avoid the ridiculous look of early superhero efforts that featured acres of featureless spandex, and that there’s a desire to add visual sculpting details; but there’s a middle ground.


I haven’t listened yet, but yeah! Like on Deadpool’s costume there is an element that looks like a sheath for a push type knife - but there isn’t one in there - or if there is supposed to be one - how would you get it out? This little detail irks me so much.

It also has several random pouches that do nothing, but TBF, that is part of the comic look (Liefeld LOVES pouches.)


Or Jack of Hearts. I can’t find it now, but I remember reading Keith Giffen really came to regret making the costume so elaborate!


Ha! I almost mentioned Jack, but thought he was a little too obscure to most folks to make my point with! I can only imagine what the MCU costume designers would do with that costume!


He’s got a sense of humor about it though.


If you make a Superman adaptation without Clark Kent’s glasses concealing his alter ego, the film may be a bit more realistic,

Making it without the glasses could actually be less realistic. There really is a Superman effect.

I have so many questions… Are these animated pouches, or a man who was turned into luggage.

Whatever the answer this is the type of Superhero story I want.


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