Canada man goes on racist rant over parking space for his truck


Check out the rage and fear in that guy’s eyes; he’s surely not seeing whoever it is he is abusing, but rather something else.


I’m sure the guy could be arrested for intimidation or something…


News reports say the police are investigating and looking into charges. All parties have been identified.



To them the world is war, the recording is being done as an assault. So they promptly whip out their own weapon.


The meter’s definitely pegged.*

*When the little metal arrow indicator on an analog meter is being held fast against the high end peg.

UK MPs realise that age filtering won't work so now they just want to block all porn in the UK

He sounds (and acts) more South African than Canadian.

A lot of white South African’s left in the mid 90’s after they lost power.


Totally off topic, but this article in the margins caught my eye.

The minister said she wanted “to encourage all of those individuals out there that meet the statutory requirements … to brush up on their French if they are wanting to apply to be the next Supreme Court justice.”

People apply to be on the Supreme Court? That’s so darn cute. So Canadian.

Here in the US, we have a slightly different process.


In fact they said he is ‘known to the police’, which is code for ‘ex-convict or gangster’ - both of which are abundant in Abbotsford.


I dunno, the Prius c 2006 was a pretty reliable indicator of someone with a lot of money who also wanted to be smug about their environmentalism.


“Fook” would have given it away.


Given how blithely he ignores the whole “Y’know why ‘India’ and ‘Pakistan’ are two distinct states with serious border friction? It’s definitely not because Pakistanis are typically Hindu…” issue; I’d be a trifle surprised if he even knows that Sikh is a thing that you can be; much less how to identify one.




Yup…I’m not getting “Canadian” but South African from the mid 1990’s.
After the “White flight” from SA after Apartheid fell.


From that link:

Ali says he knows more than 15 types of “haircut” designs.

So what they’re saying is Ali Barbers Camels? Cool.


Generally? No. Our latest Prime Minister is trying to make various parts of the Government — the parts that are appointed rather than elected — less partisan. So he’s abolished his own party in the Senate (those Senators are sitting as “independents”) and he’s set up purportedly nonpartisan hiring processes for all sorts of appointments.

I’m dubious about how nonpartisan it all is, and about whether whatever success he has will last beyond his own term in office, but, even so, I do appreciate the spirit of the gesture.


His weird gait, the fact that he’s the passenger, in addition to the whole aggro thing make me think “mental illness”… and renew my gratitude that guns are not as much of a thing North of the 49th.


Southwest and Central Ontario, too. I’m not proud to say I likely said “Paki” when I was a kid. Before I understood racism, and many other -isms, is bad.


Abbotsford doesn’t border Surrey, there’s another city between them.
Abbotsford does have its own large East Indian population though.
This looks like it’s hard downtown and that’s a rough area.
There’s a good chance this guy went home to his basement suite in a nice late 70s split level owned by an East Indian family. That’s probably one source of his resentment.
Racism against East Indians is a complicated thing in the valley. It’s tied in with feelings of inadequacy created by lack of property ownership. That shame turns to hate pretty darn quick.
That being said, I’m not apologizing for him. He’s tweaked.


People like this I know they know they’re doing something naughty and ignore that little voice inside their head telling them so, the anger and rage etc that follows when caught out is born of the argument between themselves because they knew it was their own fault.