Canadian Parliament cancels plan to legalize drunk canoeing


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Meanwhile Budweiser is still legal in Canada in spite of it being like sex in a canoe.


Wait a sec… sober people go out in canoes?


I understand drunk boating is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving, but far more legal.


How about a pedalo?
What is the pedalo takes the form of a swan?!


That it isn’t, is the point.


Um, Cory… the first paragraph makes no sense at all.


I’m canoeing right now.




I was going to say, the canoe trips I have been on drinking was required…


(FYI Bracing, not drunk. :wink: )


while drunk. You missed a bit. I doubt that just operating a kayak (or rowboat, or pedalo) is presently illegal, or Canadian liberalism is totally not what I imagined it to be.


Bracing for what? Shots?


It is illegal, and carries penalties like drivers license suspension. Which will prevent one from driving, but not from canoeing, since operating a canoe does not require a license.

An article from before the plan was cancelled:


Wait a minute. You mean to say the penalty for drunk canoeing wasn’t a fine or a night in jail, but losing your auto license? That seems like a minor detail left out of the headline. As it is, it sounds like Canadian Parliament cancels plan to legalize drunk canoeing.


That’s a kayak /pedant

Edit on closer look that may well be a canoe of sorts… stupid tiny phone screen.


Indeed it is.

The legislation was to cover water craft “propelled exclusively by means of muscular power” Canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, etc…


But are you drunk? (Doh! Silly question.)


Proposed Canadian legislation to legalise operating watercraft "propelled exclusively by means of muscular power"

That makes perfect sense: it implies that is currently illegal to operate any watercraft that is powered by personal effort, i.e. not engine powered.


Um, yeah… drunk or sober. No muscle powered craft ever. None for you, and none for you, and not any for you over there either.

I think that our kayaks are Canadian. They must be made exclusively for export.