Canadian Tories distribute fake Braille flyers about disabled initiative



I just hope Canadians remember this and all the other bullshit the Tories have vomited up by the time the next election rolls around.

That’s the only appropriate thing I could say. Everything else is vulgar abuse towards the CPC.


Canada seems to be sliding into its new role as a kleptocratic petro-state surprisingly smoothly. I honestly expected it would be harder going.

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For some reason I was expecting real braille, with dis-information. That would be evil. This is just moronic and tasteless. Time to step up your game, Great White Northern GOP.

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Vulgar abuse towards the CPC is very much appropriate.


Maybe they were trolling?

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Yeah, but I like my track record of 0 disemvowelings on BB, before, during, and after Discus. I would definitely offend half, if not more, of the BB crew if I aired my vulgarities regarding the CPC. Soooo, it’s best for all that I exercise discretion.

… the whole purpose of the pamphlet was to boast about how much the
Conservatives were doing to make life easier for disabled people …

That’s all very well for disabled people, but how about protecting the rest of us from Conservative bombardments?


people prefer the term “less-abled”

The Canadian Tories were a brand of scum I’d never really seen or heard anything about until a few years ago, but it seems as if lately they’re really gunning for a crack at the title of most ignorantly shortsighted and arseholish sell-out motherfuckers on the planet… watch out, GOP and UK Tories - they may just steal your thunder.

Come on, give it a shot; I dare you. I contend the inherent bias here will look kindly upon the most vehemently abusive screed you can muster, particularly if you can squeeze in a nod to H.S.T’s mastery of same.

The rat bastard class deserves every spittle-flecked iota of hate that can be roused, without question.

Not sure if serious; the PC backlash has accomplished its mission.

I could be wrong, but this looks like it could be a cock-up at production level. I’ve seen it happen before, where a designer puts a representation of an effect in the visual, intending that the mocked-up effect be replaced later in the production process with the real thing, but due to close deadlines, bad quality control, and miscommunication, the mock-up gets printed; in this case without the cutout that should have gone where the effect is.

Though it could have been the case that the printer didn’t have the specialised equipment necessary to cut the Braille, and no-one thought to check until the leaflet was ready to go. Still, bad QC and bad oversight by the client. But, as I understand it, about par for the course for the CPC.


That’s a convincing scenario, I propose a simpler one. Their designer is cranking out these dissemination kits quickly and understood some disability-themed graphics were appropriate, and some stock photography of Braille came to mind, with no intention that it ever be made into actual physical dots.

The error isn’t necessarily with the hired designers, it’s with the system the CPC have arranged in which superficial pandering to a demographic without genuine understanding or care is the norm. That’s my guess, could be wrong.

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Unfortunately the scenario falls down because the Braille says the same as the headline for the leaflet “Supporting Jobs for all Canadians”

Never heard that one. “Differently abled”, maybe.


Or more likely the embossing was removed last minute to save a few bucks.

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Um, that’s worse. You mean differently abled, I’m sure.

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Any braille readers able to translate for is? see if it actually says anything or if its just gibberrish

Perhaps the headline should read “disability inititative(s)?” Just a suggestion.

these flyers are quite the political metaphor, though: it’s all about creating the illusion of inclusivity, even if there’s no substance to it.