UK local elections: Conservative party forgets to alter placeholder text before distributing campaign literature


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Needs more lorem ipsum!


The ultimate dog whistle.

“You know what we will do. Fill in the blanks. No need to spell it out.”


Three Word Chant! Three Word Chant!


They’re focused on the big-picture.


“The Conservative Party: What’s Done is Done.”


They should stick with it. It’s a more attractive platform than what they’re actually offering.


Guys… It’s not hard…

foreach(ward in wards)
    string msg = string.format(“We’re working hard for local people to make {0} an even better place to live”, ward);

I am available for $300/hr, if there’s any other political organizations who would like something like the above. I promise I can knock it out in a few weeks’ work.



Filled in stuff to make a complete sentence


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I think this is refreshingly accurate. They have no f’ing clue what they have done for the good of all the people. The rich people, sure. But everyone? Fill in meaningless platitude #1 here.


It could have been worse: “We at the Conservative Party deeply care about [Area - does anyone know where this shithole is?]”


It would be more fun if they used AI to fill in the blanks based on data harvested from the Internet, broken down by area, especially if no human screened it first.


I once saw a grown woman tear up and her lip start quivering as she presented $5k of comp packaging of dog food bags for a commercial. She made the mistake of unveiling product that she had never looked at with a big voila moment. Across all of the photos was a very conspicuous “FOR POSITION ONLY.” Immediately thereafter there was a temporary air shortage in the room.

Always proofreab and double check. Just ask doofus Kris Kobach.


“Just how bleedin’ hard was it, Nigel? Save first, Print second !”


“The Conservative Party: What’s Done is Done.”

Should be:

“The Conservative Party: What’s Done/Not Done is Done/Not Done.”


The folks at the print shop often catch this sort of thing when it’s this obvious and they’re printing too many of them to just be samples. Buuuuuut in this case, I like to imagine the workers at the print shop shrugging like “Should I say something? Nah, let’s just do the job exactly as ordered.”


Not quite true. I’ve if you drop down a line or two and type a number of tildes, the post will print yet the tildes magically disappear. It’s odd.


Ha! It’s funny cause it’s true. This is hardly less informative than any political mailer I’ve ever received.


I hear the Conservative party is looking for a copyeditor?