Cancelling a Trump Donation Is Surprisingly Hard

According to, Donald Trump’s donation page makes it hard to know how to cancel recurring donations. In fact, it’s oddly reminiscent of how disreputable businesses manage recurring donations.

What a fucking bush league, ham, amateur, moonlightning, hobbyist, neophyte, Sunday driving, greenhorn, tenderfoot, apprentice politician.

This Crush soda colored cretin can’t even resist the urge to fleece his own supporters.

I can’t stop saying it, the man lacks basic sense, and the people he hires lack basic sense. A canister of Tang could do a better job in the Oval Office while maintaining more pleasant company and coloring.

This man is a joke, his candidacy is a disgrace, and his campaign is a shitshow. I don’t care how fed up you are with the political system or the Democrats. You vote for this clown in the general, and I seriously have to question whether you actually give any kind of a shit about this country’s future.


that sounds like the business model of enzyte.


Who’s Weeping Now? Donation Scammer Gets 4 Years In White House


You’ve got to admit, it’s a perfect simulation of casting a vote for Trump who then wins the general election.



Beautifully (and accurately) written! :joy:


Never have I judged someone- friend or otherwise - differently, based on who they supported or voted for. But this year? I can’t say that. This election is a little different. And I very much agree with your conclusion paragraph.


I would agree, there is too much tl;dr among the populous and vast stretches of the media are crap, but it is still better for politicians to explain the evolution of their positions.

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