Candidate for Michigan Gov. says the "bible should be the basic textbook" in schools — then gets stumped

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Apparently a pastor from the obscure sect of Christ the Moron.



Egads, this man is clearly a “groomer” foisting the Song of Solomon 'pon the innocents!!

  • “He shall lie all night betwixt my breasts.” 1:13
  • “My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him.” 5:4
  • “I rose up to open to my beloved; and my hands dropped with myrrh, and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh, upon the handles of the lock.” 5:5
  • “I opened to my beloved; but my beloved had withdrawn himself.” 5:6

…and so on


Perhaps the candidate should withdraw himself. And not in the biblical sense.


Reading the bible as a youth certainly turned Alex Delarge around.




“You read the Bible, Pete?”

“The Holy Bible?”


“I think so. . . anyway I’ve heard about it.”


“Excuse me Teacher, but how hard can I beat my slave?”


We currently have 12 people running as republicans in Michigan, debate season should be, well, effed up.

If he gets elected the first thing he is going to do is investigate the 2020 election and do something about absentee ballots that was put into our state constitution by an overwhelming majority of voters both republican and democrats.

The guy in the video also wants to solve this problem. I know I’ve been hiding under my bed and wearing a mask prevents me from seeing what’s really going on but is this really a problem?

Michigan has some of the best graduate programs in the country, and these programs should be protected from hostile foreign actors whose number one goal is to influence the next generation from core values of western civilization to global values that embrace socialism and communism. Communist China Confucius School programs that exist on college campuses must be removed as well as the obligations that they impose.

Great, now I have to worry about Confucius as well Critical Race Theory.


“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

  • Matthew 6:5

Conservative Christianity is cosplaying every verse about the Pharisees.


Religion needs to be “brought back into culture”.



“Protect the kids…”

Tell it to the prophet Elisha.


He doesn’t want the Bible taught in school: he wants all other texts removed. I’ve heard it before, and now use as a touchstone to see if someone is a fanatic the following phrase: “All books either agree with the Bible, and therefore are redundant, or disagree with the Bible and are therefore wrong.” Most fundies will cheerfully agree with that statement, and its logical conclusion that the only book you need is a bible. If they disagree, then there’s some hope of having a decent conversation with them.

But even with the Bible as the sole text (makes math easy, pi = 3!), they’d refuse to teach the sexy bits, as well as most of the rest. There’s a reaon most Christian sects (Catholic, Orthodox, even many Protestant) forbid their members from reading the Bible without strict guidance and interpretation by clergy, as it is very easy to get the “wrong” message.

In Jr. High english, we covered the Bible as literature in English.The weird bit was that three girls in the class were excused to go to the library as their parents objected to the secular study of their holy text, and had written in to protest the class segment on religious grounds. At the start of the segment the teacher gave out a not-on-your-grade test, 50 questions drawn from the more mainstream parts of the bible, with the stated purpose of pointing out how little most of the class knew about the text – and the vast majority of the class was involved in some sort of church activity, I knew from cross-denominational youth group events. The highest score (ahem) was a 96, as I misspelled Gomorrah and couldn’t remember one of the disciples names, but the second highest was an 82, and the third a 64, but less than half of the class scored above a 30, and many below 20. Fun times.


I don’t think bible man understands how government works. He’s as ill suited to govern as that orange haired guy who is wasting a lot of money on TV ads on channel 4 and 7.


Here are a couple more gems form my state that are running. Gonna be a fun election season.

Donna Brandenburg

As a constitutional conservative, a CEO, an entrepreneur and the owner of multiple businesses—in a variety of industries including; energy, rail, real estate, social work, technology, farming, and agricultural drainage systems, she has a broad base of knowledge both economically as well as practical real-life common-sense experience.

She also owns Buckeye, Brown Brother, and Spike Brother Trenchers, which all worked on the border wall under President Trump.

End of sale of fetal parts and tissue.

Michael (Captain Mike) Brown is a 34-year law enforcement veteran. He has excelled in the most demanding positions including working as a narcotics team leader.

Michael is currently the Commander of the Southwest Michigan District of the State Police.

Statement on Shooting of Patrick Lyoya
As in any situation like this it is important not to rush to judgement.

As Governor, I’ll make sure we keep insidious ideas like Critical Race Theory out of our classrooms.

There will be no California style gun grabbing under my watch.

Tudor Dixon This one is areal wackadoodle.

a Republican running for governor of Michigan, told FOX 2 on Thursday that the [Grand Rapids police officer’s shooting of Patrick Lyoya] was an act of self-defense and that the 26-year-old man should have obeyed orders from the officer.

Micheal Markey Jr.

Politics is just like marriage.

If in a marriage, one spouse always did whatever they wanted every time they had the ability to do so (or if politically speaking had enough votes), then how long would the marriage last?

Kevin Rinke

As Governor, Kevin will ban critical race theory in public schools, ending the practice of indoctrinating our children rather than educating them.

Bob Scott Tinfoil Alert

That brings us to the vaccine. This vaccine is an experimental drug that HAS not been appropriately tested. We, the human race, have never before come up with a viable vaccine against coronaviruses. There are a number of them. Remember the SARS-CoV -2 Virus under Obama? They started working on a vaccine but pulled it out of development. Why?* Because it killed every animal tested in the animal trials. It didn’t kill them when it was administered, but when they injected them with the virus to see if they had antibodies, it caused their bodies to attack themselves. *This vaccine is no better, and I do not recommend anyone taking it.


I gotta give it to him that he’s educated enough in his own bullshit to know where the questioning was leading and acknowledge it, but all the points deducted for not being able to answer how his hypocritical stance against ‘pornography’ was still okay when faced with that evidence.


So much for the separation of Church and State…

I am truly afraid for Michigan, I really am.


Ironically, I believe I read somewhere that the biblical story of Lot sleeping with his daughters was an attempt of one tribe to disparage a rival tribe that traced its ancestry to Lot. An early “groomer” accusation.


The crazy thing about it is that the separation of church and state doesn’t just benefit secular people, it really benefits religious groups. Because you start pushing for religiously backed laws, then you start getting into who has the right interpretation of holy books. Saudi Arabia is one such example. They primarily crack down on Muslims who are not onboard with Wahhabism, especially Shia and sufis.

Given how diverse the US religious landscape is, who would get to define religious laws for everyone? Which of the many variants of Christianity does the state use to write its laws? What about non-Christian religions?

Although there are certainly historical examples of tolerant theocracies (such as the Ottoman Empire), it’s very difficult in the modern context, given the rise of ethno-nationalism that is often tied to religious belief.