Capitol Police arrest man projecting 'Discrimination is Wrong' on Rayburn House Office Building


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Not all heroes wear capes.


arrest? really? is asking for a reason naive?


Was he on ‘government property’? Because that’s usually the reason given for such arrests.


Note that it was Capitol Police who arrested him, and they police the actual Capitol grounds and related buildings. A lot of times DC police will let unauthorized protests happen, as long as they aren’t a danger to anyone or themselves, trespassing, or causing damage.

Again, that doesn’t apply to any Federal park space, or any Federal property in DC, which is a lot of the city.


Shooting highly inflammatory photons.


Well, this “speech” is being considered an unauthorized “protest” taking place on federal property, so he was “demonstrating in a prohibited area.”


Police: You are unfairly targeting a group of people who face anger and hatred just for going out in public to do their jobs every day.

Protester: Who’s projecting now?


so what you’re saying is that someone needs to project some shit on a building with a laser, far far away from the fascists in charge


If projecting is illegal in DC, they’re going to have to arrest a lot of politicians…


But discrimination isn’t wrong.

You just need to choose your biases carefully.


I wondered, too. The link to the report was buried in the twitter feed.

Capitol Police confirmed they arrested one man around 8 p.m., and charged him with demonstrating in a “prohibited demonstration area.”


Seriously? Arrested? It’s amazing to me we have so many rules to eliminate political speech in public like this. It’s almost like people who have power don’t want to see it, or have other people see it.


maybe his light was on government property. Might make for a interesting legal argument if the projector wasn’t. Though I’ve been in that neighbourhood before. In some ways it resembles an armed camp.


Not sure why I came into this comments thread, but I stayed around for the projecting puns.


Take your upvote and a hearty round of applause. Well-played, indeed!




nazis fuck off!!!

the entire usa is a demostration area, 1A BAYBEE


SHOULD BE, yes. IS? Nope; not even close, sadly, and that’s backed by significant law and legal precedent, all the way up to SCOTUS. Now get back in your “authorized demonstration zone”, conveniently located out-of-sight behind these fish market dumpsters, and shut your hippie yap!


I seriously wonder about how anyone can be charged specifically with projecting an image.

Can you arrest them because of where they are projecting from, projecting to, what image they are projecting, sum of all of or none of these things?

And then what about directed sound?

The whole thing is strange


Nah-- lots of jersey barriers, police cars, and guys with dogs.