Capitol Police officer had to beg Trump rioters not to kill him with his own gun

“thank you but fuck you for being here”

This is the talk we need right now - a clear message that encapsulates anger but represents two ideas clearly.

“There are good people on both sides” is the opposite of this.


TLDW: he didn’t have enough bullets to kill everyone, figured when he ran out they’d kill him.


I guess that’s done


In my circle of friends, we know him and his family.

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Thanks. For some reason I can’t bring myself to watch any more coverage of this. I have a suspicion, or hope, that had he fired the crowd would have turned and ran, trampling each other in their mad rush to escape. Then again, they didn’t scatter when the woman was shot at the entrance to the House. We’ll never know what would have happened but I like to play the alternate reality in my head to make me feel better about it.


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