Capitol riot suspect Doug Jensen violates release terms, begs not to be sent back to jail


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I hope they don’t send him back to jail…I hope they send him back to a hole in the ground under the jail and leave him there for many, many years. Seriously, I don’t think most people realize how terribly, terribly close the world came to seeing members of congress executed on livestreams. Those people were out for BLOOD. Period. Lock them all up and just throw away the keys.


Throw 'em all in jail.
Of course, all those who financed, facilitated, enabled, egged-on, etc these tools need to be harshly and publicly dealt with.
They are, after all, guilty of Treason.


Fuck USAkkkToday, missing from this article was the teensy little part about him watching Lindell’s “Cyber Symposium” Douglas Jensen Asks Judge to Treat Far-Right Media Consumption Like Drug Relapse


“Qanon Site” doesn’t seem right.

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This guy is a pawn. I want the leaders on trial.


He doesn’t have to accept those “onerous” terms.
He can just serve the rest of his sentence in prison, where there is also no internet.

he can have a friend do the transactions?
he can use US mail, like many people continue to do.
he can pay at the utility itself.
yes, its an inconvenience. is it really worse than jail?
he’s a bad boy. bad boys sit in the corner even if they don’t like it.


Like I said, I don’t think he should have been granted bail in the first place. But if a judge decides a person is safe enough to rejoin society until trial then it seems dumb to impose a condition that would prevent that person from (for example) paying their utility bills or whatever.


They probably shouldn’t have released him until they’d brought in Dr. Brodsky to administer the Ludovico treatment.

Jensen reportedly falsely claimed the phone was his daughter’s, and later admitted he’d spent two days watching the Cyber Symposium, an event organized by pillow manufacturer and leading Stop the Steal advocate Mike Lindell.

That sounds hard QAnon.


Was it YouTube?


Sometimes we hate the powers that be, the institutions that enable inequity, and at other times we expect democratic justice within the same power structures. Not sure that this makes sense as a political and social motivation.

What I’d like to know, and what I haven’t seen anyone talk about, is how they knew he was looking at the internet.


Good question. I had (perhaps naively) assumed they were monitoring his user accounts on Qanon sites and the like, but maybe it was something else.
The article said he was found streaming Rumbler on his phone, so maybe it was during a standard parole type visit? Would be interesting to know…


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