Captain America sworn in as Bay Area councilman


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Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.


I read the Priorities on his website, and, apart from supporting charter schools, I couldn’t understand why this guy was a Republican. Most of his talking points (community policing, diversity, affordable housing, etc.), are Democratic talking points.

I found this in an article, which makes it make a bit more sense:

Diep is a Republican because of family history and a fiscal conservative streak, but he’d have trouble winning a Republican primary today. He is pro choice, doesn’t get why anyone would oppose gay marriage and has spent his career standing up for victims of wage theft and other predatory practices. Oh, and he worked on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Let’s hope that he changes the Republican Party to be more like him, rather than the other way around.


The big hint was that his first official act was to move against the 1st amendment to our constitution while holding that shield.


I have ‘family’ that is Vietnamese (as close as blood relatives)…by and far, quite a few of them are Republican. I have NEVER understood this. Almost everything they strive for seems to be far closer aligned to the Democratic party…but they keep voting this way.

I was surprised when I was told I needed to vote for Trump by one of them, demanding to know who I was voting for…


According to what I read when I was reading up on Lan Diep, a large portion of it is due to a combination of loyalty to President Ford for signing the Indochina and Migration and Refugee Act of 1975, and a sense of betrayal felt towards President Clinton for easing the sanctions on Vietnam’s communist government.


I do know that the whole Communist / Democratic thing is STILL something that riles people today. At a charity event a few years ago, we had to do damage control because folks were convinced we were giving money to the gov’t for our medical mission. I’m not well versed on this aspect, so I pretty much just keep my mouth shut about it. I just accept it is sore subject on both sides.


So, they choose candidates based on past history and emotion, rather than their own interests and logic. I suppose that’s not any different than many of our domestic-born voters.


What is his platform position on punching Nazis?


Defend the Constitution by violating it! He must be a Republican.


I can see him as someone who would punch Hitler.


Not that I have any interest in flying the “communist Vietnamese flag,” but to the best of my knowledge, flying pretty much any flag you want on private property is considered a First Amendment-protected form of free speech.

So while I can empathize with how his personal history has affected his point of view, I’m thinking that’s a fairly inauspicious beginning.

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