Cartoon Network "severs ties" with Rick and Morty co-creator over domestic violence case

Or heck, why not just go back to the source? Maybe a little voice work would liven up Chris’ retirement?


I just wanted to say as a diehard Scud (and fireman press) fan, this is the only way we should refer to Rob Schrab. His innumerable other achievements be damned, this was his finest (IMO)


I might be wearing a tin foil hat on this, but I can’t help but believe they knew very early on, but were just waiting for a favorable legal outcome or a PR issue to emerge. Waiting until forced to act, as it were.


And, right on cue, as expected, ReichWing DudeBros are squealing “Cancel Culture!”. Yeah, the same guys who want M&Ms characters to be more fuckable.


God I bet that place has been enabling him for years.


It always seemed far too cynical for me but a friend insisted on showing me an episode. In that one random episode there were multiple rape jokes and not even insinuated ones. Full on haha rape. Needless to say, like Rob, I am entirely unsurprised.


Even more fallout.


The last time I watched anything on CN was when Samurai Jack was on. Heck. SJ was the only thing I looked forward to on CN. (I so miss Mako’s hilariously sinister voice work for Aku!!!)


Ah, it is THE BEST. I finally got the softcover Omnibus and need to read it, as I missed the finally 6 issues or so!


And…there it is. I think that’s everyone now, right?


I’m pretty certain that whole thing is Mars (or Nestlé? Who even makes M&Ms these days?) farming the outrage. It’s like when they killed the cartoon peanut mascot.


I get the joke, but I don’t think Lloyd can really do the Doc Brown voice anymore. I remember seeing him on a talk show a few years ago where he was having a reunion with Michael J. Fox and they were doing a few Back to the Future lines as banter. Fox did surprisingly well given his health problems but Lloyd sounded nothing like Brown.

I posted the naked M&M lady a few times because it looked funny


There is a lot of yikes like the DM’s and this gem:


Sure. Far right assholes play no role whatsoever. they are just hapless victims, always and forever, and are probably the REAL victims here. /s

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That’s not what I’m saying though?

I have no idea why felt the need to insist that the corporation is MORE culpable here than the people who made the choice to gin up this controversy in the first place. Yeah, corporations suck, and they do shitty, shitty things in this world. In this case, the problem is a DIFFERENT corporation than Mars, known as Fox news, which has radicalized millions of Americans into a hardlined form of white supremacy.

I am sick and tired of right wing assholes being given a pass because of capitalism, as if they are not doing all that they do in part due to capitalism and attempting to install it’s most extreme form in our government.

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Nobody’s giving them a pass

Sure seems like you care more about letting us know how evil Mars is vs. the people pushing literal white supremacist talking points and eliminationist narratives about trans people. :woman_shrugging: We’re aware of the problems caused by companies like Mars. We can hold multiple ideas in our heads at the same time. So I’m unsure why you felt the need to harp on THAT point I made, in a thread that isn’t even about that, but is rather about a misogynist getting the shit can. I mentioned that only to show how corporations like Mars will often give in to right wing pressure (the real problem with people like this guy getting a pass), but it sure as hell isn’t the topic of all this. It was literally the last line of my comment about the larger issue at hand.


No, what I’m saying is that Mars or whoever are being just as cynical as Fox. They’re seeing how Fox are radicalising people and saying “we can get in on this too”. That’s not exonerating anyone, it’s saying that all these corporations are making things worse, for profit.