"Casey won't fly commercial": DeSantis campaign spent more on private jets than advertising

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Casey is getting thrown under the bus for this. I maintain that the reason that Ron never flew on commercial flights was because he’d never be able to live down the humiliation of removing his elevator boots for TSA and having everyone see him 4" shorter. Plus you know that the x-ray scan of those boots would surely leak online.


I know you’re kidding but DeSantis really does have a long history of blaming everyone but himself for his failures. Blaming his wife would go along with that.


I am enjoying seeing Meatball Ron slink back to Florida in humiliating defeat, having spent the last 10 months practically living in Iowa (to the dismay of Florida politicians who want him to, you know, govern the state he’s the governor of) and pretending through gritted teeth he gives two shits about what Iowans think.

He is now the lamest of ducks and will spend the next three years subjugating himself to Trump so he can try to lose again in 2028.


Typical asshole dude-bro… blame a woman for his failings…

Translation: She knows that people will call her and her shitty husband out for being the fascists that they are…

I’m not. It goes right along with the right wing gender essentialist narratives that women are high maintenance and demanding. No doubt she buys into that narrative, too, but he’s still blaming her for the choices he made. It’s still misogyny.


I really can’t see Lady Macbeth accepting any blame.

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To stay in the game, Ron DeSanctimonious is kissing the ring of the man who dubbed him Ron DeSanctimonious.

… and yet…


To be fair - there are probably big logistical challenges with flying commercial for a presidential candidate.
I imagine the line of toadies, bootfitter/orthotists, security staff, campaign staff, hairstylist, publicists, interns, chef/poison tester etc etc is quite long and nobody wants an aisle seat.
Perhaps Casey is just the most vocal about riding the skies with ‘those people’ (everyone else)? Probably not.

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i think that’s what local offices are for. if you’re really running for president, you should have the necessary campaign staff in every state.

( although, granted, in his case, de santis probably doesn’t have anyone outside of florida who wants anything to do with him. )


You think Meatball Ron will let someone from Iowa touch his hair???


i assumed he had his hair flown in…


I suppose the upside of this tale of moral and literal bankruptcy is that I won’t be unfortunate enough to meet the DeSantises the next time I fly commercial.

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Now they’re going to scramble to maintain their private jet lifestyle, in a way more embarrassing and humiliating than the Roy kids on Succession did.


Yet another Republican fiscal conservative.

That’s for the little people.


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