DeSantis spent $1.5m on private flights while his campaign struggles for money

Originally published at: DeSantis spent $1.5m on private flights while his campaign struggles for money | Boing Boing


And he’s trying to take credit for getting US citizens out of Israel.


That’s about $100000 a week on air travel.
A quick look at the internets tell me that private jets cost ~$5000 an hour*. At $5000/hr it would take flying every hour of every day for those 3 months to get to $1.5 million.
So is he (or a close friend) getting a cut of the jet rentals and this is a grift to scam campaign donors?

*After typing this I went back and looked at the companies he’s using and he’s probably the mark here. They charge ridiculous rates for their special government agent security packages


One of those fiscal conservatives. May he sink into a think tank soon, and never be heard from again.

The sticker on the window that says “special government agent secure” makes it worth every penny.


Well, DeSantis is term-limited and so can’t seek a third term as governor of Florida in 2026.

But it’s probably too much to hope for that he’ll leave the public spotlight. Hopefully he goes somewhere that I don’t watch, like Fox “News”, and so I can ignore him until he says something astoundingly stupid and gets roasted by the late night comedy shows. [It’s not will he say something stupid, it’s when will he say something stupid.]


In fairness, his patent unlikeability kinda warrants travel on private planes.


I just heard heard another great theory about his motivations from Jon Lovett on Pod Save America which makes perfect sense:
This is a man who wears ridiculously tall cowboy boots that have an advanced system of lifts installed. Can you imagine his humiliation when he has to remove them for a public TSA security check if he boards a commercial flight and is suddenly revealed to be 6" shorter? No amount of campaign dollars is too much to avoid that.


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