DeSantis's battle with Disney is a giant waste of money that will only hurt Florida

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Is there a chance De Satan and Disney could both lose while somehow granting everyone in the US access to medical care based on need and not the ability to pay?

Because I’m all for that one if there is.


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If we could get the Republican voters in FL to understand that, we’ll have a victory!


Wating money? Hurting constituents? GOP policy as usual. DeSantis adds the fascist touch of doing it out of a personal vendetta grounded in his bigotry.


I’m hoping it goes to the Supreme Court and in their eagerness to hammer a ‘woke’ brand they accidently overturn ‘Citizen’s United’.


We sold our family’s Disney timeshare and will never step foot in the state again. I know a number of people either canceling trips there or just not considering vacations there any more. My wife’s huge company struck Orlando from their list of potential convention sites.


Reich Wing Extremist DeSantis HURTING Florida?
Yeah, that’s about par for the course.


A bunch of other states are looking at funding organizations to romance the Mouse out of Florida. I wonder if they’ve considered the opposite?

The DeSantis government in exile could be an interesting attraction.


Never say never, but it’s hard for me to imagine much success on that front. There are many billions of dollars of investment in the Florida theme parks, which took decades to construct, and you can’t just uproot that and set up elsewhere to chase a few tax breaks like an NFL team. I’ll bet that the company is taking the long view here and knows that DeSantis won’t be governor forever. In the meantime they have many more modest options about which of their parks around the world they’ll be making major investments in over the next few years.


My first instinct is to feel bad for the people of Florida. But then I remembered that the people of Florida voted for DeSantis and every junior fascist that’s ever run the place.

Empathy has limits. Florida’s getting exactly what it deserves. My only wish is that it was easier for people who want to leave that state to get out and establish themselves somewhere better. But “somewhere better” is a vanishing prospect in the US these days.


Never a good idea to treat all the people of any arbitrary region as a monolith or equally deserving of scorn. Chances are that you yourself have lived somewhere where a small majority of your fellow citizens supported a reprehensible candidate or policy, especially if you’re in the United States.


Timeshares are another whole topic. Glad you got out!!
If you need a Disney fix come to california! It’s still expensive (that’s another another topic) but personally I like how the parks are close together and more walkable than the insane expanses the parks in florida have gotten to be.


It’s kinda sad though. As much as we make fun of florida and how backwards a lot of people are, all this policy is meant to hurt decent people who still live there. Disney is doing fine. The company isn’t starving. Even if they got their special district taken away they’d probably be fine. But dang I feel for LGBT people, minorities, people with unwanted pregnancies etc who are really being hurt by these jerks.


Florida resident here, Fuck DeSantis and this entire Gerrymandered state. Keep in mind that this is the State that DID have a majority of votes for Al Gore, but the Republicans stole that too.


DeSantis won a majority of votes in the right districts, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a non-trivial number of people that voted for someone else but happen to live near a lot of other people that also don’t vote for DeSantis so they “didn’t count” at least not as much as people living “in the right place”. Plus a lot of people that can’t vote, or couldn’t overcome the hurdles in their way. Very few states are Red, they are merely a reder shade of purple… (the same is true of blue though)


Isn’t everything DeSantis does bad for Florida?

Like not just bad for large segments of the population, but like objectively bad for the whole state?


Yeah but guns, abortion, church, commies, trans people and the gays.

And some people think that’s not a compelling argument.


On the one hand, I regret skipping that entire election (it was the second presidential one I could vote in and since I was in the middle of moving cross country post-college, didn’t want to deal with mail in ballots for two candidates I was blah about at the time) and on the other… it was the first time my political reality just sort of broke and I started seeing how broken and/or working but optimized for very bad outcomes the system is. My vote in either state I was potentially eligible for wouldn’t have mattered either way because neither was a swing state let alone a single county in a state I’d never been to.

And that was BEFORE I found out about the Brooks Brothers Riot (I found out about that like 2 years ago) which really broke me.

I’m getting a smaller taste of this sort of terrible by living in Virginia (Youngkin is almost DeSantis bad but also less newsworthy despite his efforts) and I can’t even begin to sympathize with how horrible you all have it.


Yes, yes it is.

Protections for workers? Virtually non-existent. Florida is 48th in the nation for teacher pay, 9th in the nation in Covid-19 cases per million, 12th in the nation in Covid-19 deaths per million, 3rd in the nation in Covid-19 deaths, ranked the 12th worst state to raise a family, 46th in the nation for Unemployment benefits (max $275/week), the list goes on and on…

But sure, spend taxpayer money to attack the company that accounts for over 20% of Florida tax revenue and is the largest single site employer in the country.

Of course, Disney had been donating about $2.5M to “pro-business” Republicans for a long time, so they played a part in the rise of DeSantis…


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