Cat enjoys licking air going into vacuum


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Cat enjoys licking air going into vacuum

But, doesn’t everyone?


It’s like talking into a fan, if cats could talk, and if vacuum cleaners were fans! This is his only chance to make that brzzt brzzt noise, unless he catches a cicada.





Not if they’ve read the short story ‘Guts’ by Chuck Palahniuk. Shudder.


(Read in a cheech and chong voice)
“Dude! You look like you been 'nipping again, man!”

“Nah, this shits way better, you gotta try this”

“What do you call that, man?”

“Face sucker”


Yes, I have a Flowbee…
I use it ~every two weeks.
I’m told my haircuts look good…


Oh man that is amazingly cute!


I find it funny how he hangs onto it like Miles Monroe with an Orb.


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