Cat frozen outside like a snowball was dethawed and is just fine


That was a Freudian slip, not garbling.


I am a fan of the “jowly smilodon” reconstruction.


Being charged by that would be freakin’ terrifying!


Purrrfect! :cat:


Something that has the temperature of a warm bath is not “frozen”. Severely hypothermic, yes.


I Can Haz Brainfreeze?








Pissed off is kinda the default look for cats.
Especially wet cats dried with hair dryer.


Flews, flews everywhere!



Was she frozen or 90 degrees?


this reminds me of the hamster puzzle from day of the tentacle.


Cats are pretty hot as it is. Once, at a mini-meeting at work, our office cat decided to take a nap on my lap. Although the act had me sweating like a pig, I made no move to disturb him. Kitties bellies are like furnaces!


What a terrible thing to have happen to a pet. I’m glad it worked out. They were very lucky.

Also, they actually used “dethaw” in the CNN article.
… sad.


Got there before me! You are the mane man!


I actually see that helping if sung to thawing kitties. Can’t hurt.




Wonderful, floofy furnaces. Absolutely the best kind!