Cat riding on car at 60 miles per hour


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I once had a cat that liked to sleep on top of the car in the garage. Never had this happen though.


Poor thing. Knowing cats, he probably thought he was badass up to about 15mph. Hope he’s okay.


I’ve seen this movie before!!!


Looks more like a Fox. :wink:


“…oh no – that’s a raccoon.”




I guess Mitt Romney must be taking the family on a road trip again.


That cat looks way too much like one of mine for comfort.


Obligatory clip from Keanu (Especially at :54 )


Kitty doesn’t look like a happy camper. At least there’s a happy ending. I wonder the feline will ever go on top of that van again?


High speed mousing, meow.


(out of context oatmeal cartoon panel)



Probably sleeping on it rn.


Cat On A Hot Van Roof



Liked, in part because I kind of wish a cat would drive Victoria Jackson off a cliff.

When her road forked after SNL, she took a hard right towards Conservative Nutville (population: way too many) and floored it.


Also, aren’t you impressed with how many times that news segment repeats the same few seconds of video, with slightly different start and end points, to make it look like they have a lot more cat-on-van footage than they really do…


My hoomins forgots teh noms: u haz to do wot u haz to do to gets to PetSmart :roll_eyes:


One time I realized my neighbors cat was IN my car, when I was miles from home. That cat has liked me a lot more since then.