Do not be alarmed by the dog on the roof


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First they put their dog on the roof, then they put a sign out saying the dog likes it.
Christ, what assholes.


This is a dog I could be friends with.



When interviewed by Chris Wallace of Fox News, Romney stated that Seamus enjoyed being in the dog carrier, an “air-tight kennel”


When I was growing up, our cat would get stuck on the roof. He could jump down onto it from an overhanging branch but had no way to get from the roof to the ground. So he would pace at the edge of the roof meowing his distress loudly. Unfortunately, the thing that he hated more than being stuck on the roof was being carried OFF of the roof. So after you put up a ladder and started to reach for him to get him down, he’d start to scurry out of reach… To think that he was the smarter of our two cats…


When I was a kid, we had two Siamese cats who liked to go out of the gable window and sit on the roof over our front porch. They always came back in through the window, even though there were two Blue Spruce trees in front of the house.

You ever try to get pine sap off of a cat?





Heavy jpegging made me read the hashtag as: #fucktheroofdog


One year a neighbor of my mom’s was replacing his roof, and her cat got in the habit of climbing up the ladder to hand out with the neighbor while he worked. They became instant best friends, which annoyed my mom to no end because the cat hardly acknowledged her existence.


When my brothers were little, they decided that it would be fun to parachute off the roof by holding the corners of a sheet and jumping. They wanted to test the concept first, and we caught them just as they were tying the sheet to the dog’s collar. Their response? “You never told us not to take the dog on the roof.”

(note: dog was fine, brought back in through a window, lived for another decade despite belonging to my hooligan brothers)


My cat would do the same…usually around 1 a.m.


The notice says that the dog learned to jump onto the roof from the backyard and goes on to point out that it is never left there on its own. Perhaps you should pause to read it before being so judgemental.


85% sure they were being sarcastic. Watch out for falling Poe’s Law.


Of course that’s what they would say.




Our neighbor’s dog does this. He gets out their bedroom window and hangs out there. Once he took his toys out and they had to fish them all out of the gutter.


One has to admit, the vantage point is awesome.


Needs moar caprine company.


When about a third part of the night had passed Grettir heard a loud noise. Something was going up on to the building, riding above the hall and kicking with its heels until the timbers cracked again. This went on for some time, and then it came down towards the door.


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