CEO of health company fired for harassing teens at prom

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In which Sam Johnson, privileged white cis-het male, at long last learns about consequences.


Zero f#cks for that disgusting sub-human.


“Making it about the dress was their idea, and they edited out most of the exchange.”

No, dude, making it about the dress instead of keeping it about their noise and/or cursing was YOUR idea. You just don’t like that’s the part they highlighted because it reveals to everyone what a douche canoe you really are.


I really don’t have much to say about this other than i’m glad kids these days feel more freedom to be themselves, there’s still a long way to go and there will always be haters regardless of what the issue at hand might be. At least this gentleman is going through consequences for bullying others, but does not seem like they’re close to learning a lesson


I’m not sure if he coined it, but Levar Burton’s use of the phrase “consequence culture” as a response to accusations of “cancel culture” is brilliant. And here we see it in action.

Mr. Smugnuts with his cocky smirk is facing consequences for his intolerance, possibly for the first time in his life. It’s probably too late for him to actually learn anything from this series of events, but maybe someone else who’s teetering on the precipice of assholery will be pulled back from the edge. Maybe.


No, no he really didn’t.

Johnson denied that he was harassing the couple to Newsweek, claiming that the video was edited and that he initially went over because the group of teens was being loud and vulgar.

It was all their fault. They made him do it. He learned nothing.


“We had just sat down for dinner at this restaurant that we frequent, and I was returning from the restroom when I was presented with their loud cursing,” Johnson told Newsweek. “Making it about the dress was their idea, and they edited out most of the exchange.”

Let’s just assume this is true. 1) it isn’t your place to police someone’s behavior. 2) throwing in insults just makes YOU look like the ass and problem.

But for the record, I don’t believe him. Even if it was true, it doesn’t excuse his behavior.


He’s the CEO of a company, for crying out loud. He is the face of the company, and should know that his conduct on and off the clock is always representative of his company, and so he always has to be on his best behavior, regardless the circumstances.

I’m actually surprised that he was terminated. A little googling shows the company is privately held, has between 16 and 20 employees, and revenues of $4 Million. Investors look to be an assortment of venture capitalists. VisuWell seems to provide background services, so unless their client base really paid attention to the news, they would probably not put any pressure on the company to clean up the CEO’s behavior.

I am hoping that this was a smaller company’s Board deciding to do the right thing, and not “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Either way, I am glad he got a taste of consequence culture, even if he doesn’t learn from it.


The way the company worded the dismissal seemed to say that his position was eliminated but no word on whether he was still at the company or on the board.
Someone on Twitter mentioned that the company clarified it’s position later - maybe this story could be updated.


This was on their website just now:

We unequivocally condemn the behavior exhibited by Sam Johnson in a recent video widely circulated on social media. After investigating the matter and speaking to individuals involved, the VisuWell Board of Directors has chosen to terminate Mr. Johnson from his position as CEO, effective immediately. Gerry Andrady, our President and COO, will lead the company through this important time.

VisuWell’s culture emphasizes respect, kindness, and compassion, especially for those from traditionally marginalized communities, and we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for intolerance of any kind. Mr. Johnson’s actions contradicted the high standards we set for ourselves in promoting the health of those who use our platform.

We share the concerns that so many have expressed on this matter and look forward to announcing concrete steps we are taking in support of the LGBTQ community in particular over the coming weeks."

“In response to those asking for additional clarity on Sam Johnson’s termination as CEO, we can confirm that Mr. Johnson is no longer employed by VisuWell in any capacity. He no longer has a position on the Board of Directors or any informal advisory role. His behavior was not representative of our values, which include respect and compassion for all.”


Day of the week ending in y? Check.

White Guy not recognizing that Other People have a right to exist without the need for his Morality Validation? Check.

That being said; Was that actual physical contact he was trying to inititate? If that’s the case, he really dodged a bullet by possibly assaulting a minor (yeah I know the cameraperson was 18, but I don’t know about the boyfriend/SO) and that kinda makes me sad because I’d have loved to see that charge on his record.


Also, not that it excuses it in any way, but that White Guy Grin is totally “hitting the house red and uh oh I might have had too much let’s go harass some kids because now I’m invincible.”


Where is this supposed to be? If a bunch of teens are having a prom after party, I am confused why a middle aged man would be nearby in the first place.


Not all proms happen at night. And it doesn’t matter where it’s “supposed” to be.

People are “supposed” to be able to cordially use public spaces in a responsible manner without conflict, and this clown was “supposed” to have the common sense to know that regardless of the circumstances (teens swearing or not) it’s not his responsibility to dictate their behavior. It’s not his property.


I think our heads are in the same place. Yes, he’s not behaving like he is supposed to as a grown ass man. But on top of that, I am wondering if he is hanging out somewhere where he is not supposed to even be.


I kinda get what you’re saying, but this also KINDA reads like “Well, if he hadn’t stumbled in there at all, he might not have made this mistake and we might have avoided this entirely.”

Every single action taken by Commander Assclown was a decision he made, whether he thought about it or not.

If a bear gets into your cabin and destroys it in the off season, the fault doesn’t lie in the fact that the bear wasn’t supposed to be in the cabin. The fault lies in the bear being a fuckin’ bear.


That is not what I am saying. I am speculating about him intentionally trespassing.

Rules of the forum: Assume good faith.

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Another fine example of a conservative white man losing his pearl clutching mind over a man in a dress, maybe he’s got some conflicted feelings he doesn’t know how to deal with. Either way, old men like him die and the world keeps spinning.


Yeah, the “at prom” threw me too. But, from the blurb:

Right, he is free to complain to a restaurant employee if other customers are creating a nuisance. The restaurant can decide how to handle it.

I think that as CEO he is use to being able to “one of the guys”/“authoritative man” people into doing whatever he asks while apologizing to him and showing him respect for being so swell. When the interaction didn’t follow his template, he revealed himself.