CEOs with uncommon names implement unconventional strategies, says study

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Bill, Warren, Steve, Larry, Howard, J Paul, John, Andrew, Jeff,… oh well


I was thinking the study referred to last names. For a while there, I thought I had a bright future as a CEO. :wink:

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Like Hubertus Bigend?

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I guess “Max Power” won’t impress the executive search committee like it used to.


Good news, if you pronounce if awkwardly then you’re as close. Also if I blew by it right, I saw they were tagging biz (including ‘environmental munificence’) at 0 or 1 for conventionality (following 5 leads also given in the introduction.) But the names got a continuum. Kind of fun to have a ready attack for being concerned about this kind of thing.


If I ever have another kid I’m going to name them “Pluto Cratslayer” just to see what happens.


Perhaps you could if you cut the mustard and quit the malarkey

And if I ever have a kid, I’m going to name them Nominitive Determinism!

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