How to talk to your child about Elon Musk


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Tell your child that if your parents had named you Zambor Dweemoflux…

I named all my kids Zambor Dweemoflux.

Still waiting for the big payoff.


Well its not zaphod so vice president of the galaxy?


The gambit worked out pretty well for this guy.


Is one way of quoting not good enough?


Bet he never caught a muskie.

Anakin is one of the "top baby names" in the U.S

I raced to check my bank balance after reading that, but no such luck.

Not that you know my name, I guess, but it’s a lot weirder than any of my internet tags.


And then you get idiots like Farrokh Bulsara, Krishna Pandit Bhanji, Georgios Panayiotou and Jonathan Leibowitz who blew their chances of greatness by choosing more prosaic Anglo-sounding names.


After reading your comment:


Except of course Sepp Blätter is pretty much as common a name as you can get short of being called Eva Braun. Sepp is a common abbreviation in southern German speaking regions for Josef, which of course is pretty common

Go to any rural places in the Alpine region and 50% of the male population is called Sepp. Similarly nothing special about Blätter, but of course there is nothing special about the man either. Unless you count low level con-artistry as an achievement. In which case convincing the English speaking world that your name is special is just another proof of your skills.


Whereas my real name is positively Dickensian, and I’m as poor as a really poor thing.


I think I’ll file a patent for investment and skim some of that sweet VC cash I keep hearing about.


Ducumberlo! I had no idea my insane brother also frequented boingboing!


Isn’t he South African? Isn’t that why he’s got a funky name?




I you’re talking to your children you’re already on the downward spiral to wrecked cars teen pregnancy and head lice


The one thing on my dads bucket list he was never able to accomplish…not for lack of trying. RIP dad.


I don’t think someone’s name contributes as much to them becoming a billionaire as are their intelligence, their lack of empathy and them, in general, being a sociopath.


It’s easy to dislike Musk.
It’s less easy to build a spaceship.


I used to dislike Elon Musk for him reportedly writing that the child’s birth of one of his employees was “no excuse [for not showing up at a company meeting],” adding, “you need to figure out where your priorities are.”

Fortunately, Musk denied that he ever said that.

As of now, I don’t have any negative opinion of him, since, generally, I don’t read gossip media. But I still hold on to the idea that, on average, billionaires are intelligent, sociopaths and lack empathy.