Chagrin Falls, USA: Protecting the children from race harm

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This race theory isn’t critical enough.


Everyone’s a critic these days.


Texas was never “founded” by the US, it was stolen.

Not quibbling with Bolling’s phrasing, this just needs to be said more often. Since it’s never said.


I’m being critical, right now.


Probably his point? She’s being forced to say that by School stormin’ Karen, so…


[The United States] was never “founded”, it was stolen .

FTFY - doesn’t make what you said any less true, but it’s also true of all of the Americas.

Related, my great, great, (great?) Grandad Moses and Uncle Steve were the ones that stole Texas from Mexico. And they were pretty clear in their letters that it was about cotton and slaves.

Spain and Mexico, on the other hand, stole it from the Apache, Caddo, Waco, Witchita, and a whole bunch of other folks.

One crime doesn’t forgive the other, of course.


Excellent points, all.


This morning I got a surprising bit of white-washing history. The usually very good student diversity group sent an invitation for their Juneteenth celebration this Friday. All good. Last year was poorly attended, but hey it was in the middle of a pandemic. Only problem is this was their explanation of what Juneteenth is:

We will be remembering the day when every state in the U.S. had finally been notified of the Emancipation Proclamation, despite it being declared two years prior. Notably, Texas was the last state to receive word of the proclamation as troops brought the news to Galveston.

You see those good folks down in Galveston just hadn’t heard about it yet; they would have gladly quit enslaving people if they had just been told not to. /S


I actually live in Chagrin Falls (Ohio) where the artist is from. And while Chagrin Falls itself isn’t bad (a little blue dot in a sea of red, as they say), there is a town just up the way where parents went to the board of education meeting last week demanding that, “No one should know what religion, politics or prejudices a teacher has. Keep the education neutral and we can teach that stuff at home.” (And that’s a quote, not a paraphrase!)

So, this is a strip far too close to reality from right where the artist and I live.


“Critical race theory” has become a strawman for conservatives, they’ve re-defined an upper level academic study of structural racism as really being “elementary school teachers telling kids to hate whitey.” It’s an argument as stupid as “if we tear down this statue of Stonewall Jackson then we’re erasing history! Nobody will learn about the Civil War!”


For those not aware, Ruben Bolling was one of three finalists for the Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartoons, but they were all snubbed when the board decided for the first time in a half century to refuse to award anyone a prize.

Knowing the Pulitzers, there is a high degree of likelihood that blackballing is going on. Bolling notoriously was dropped by the print edition of the Washington Post after poking hard at Dick Cheney for lying about Iraq. His occasional “Lucky Ducky” is a running parody of the Wall Street Journal editorial page’s idiotic reference to lucky duckys who are too poor to pay income taxes.

Bret Stephens has openly bragged about the kind of axe grinding that goes on behind the scenes, and I think it is pretty clear that nobody will ever win this prize unless they have a powerful patron willing to trade favors in the prize award process on their behalf.


In my file cabinet is a 24-page document (abstract of title and incumbrances) that traced my wife’s family home in Akron, Ohio backward from 1919 all the way to the original grant of land from “THE MONARCHY OF ENGLAND” in 1762. In that first section it claims, “… acquired possession…, by conquest from the French in the year 1760.” I guess that makes it okay

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