Chair made out of gold-plated AK-47s


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Bleh. Money can buy you gold plated AK chairs, but not class…


This is what the throne would have looked like if Game of Thrones was set during the Sandinista revolution.


Already been done, without the bling.


In Donald Trump’s Game of Trumps, you win (the Golden Throne) or you’re fired.

Now that I think about it, maybe he’s trying to out-Joffrey Joffrey.


His throne looks slightly different.


How can he tell if his pee is healthy?


I don’t think they’re even AK-47s. Those are actually kind of uncommon. Likely they’re AKMs or AK-74s or one of the umpteen clone AK patterns.


You can have my chair when you pry it from my cold, dead buttocks.


Let’s see. Tacky. Check. Gold plated. Check. Vaguely russian. Check. I imagine a brace of these will be sent to Trump Tower by, you know, friends in Russia. A little thank you for eastern Ukraine and the former Crimea, da? Spasibo!


I am ashamed of this century.


Sitting down. A dangerous business.


Looks more ominous than the blingy one.


Nice! I really like the chandelier addition. Trigger to turn on?


can you really call yourself a post apocalyptic war lord if your throne isn’t a recliner?


I am thinking more Eastern European. Like in track pants and a sweat shirt.
Like this guy.


“Ack - my back!”

“What’s wrong?”

“This chair! It’s killing my back!”


Looks like something Hunter S Thompson would have dreamed up. Probably has little indentations at the tips of each rifle from which to snort one’s nose candy.


What are you saying? He has the healthiest pee. He has a signed statement from his Doctor. It reads, and I quote:

“President Trump’s pee is the best pee, he pees biggly. His inauguration was HUGE. Don’t believe the lying media. SAD. Signed my doctor.”

[Device Samsung S3]


If it’s like the Iron Throne, it’s not meant to be comfortable.

Many rulers have cut themselves on the blades of the Iron Throne…