Champagne cork kills Chinese Billionaire at 50th birthday


Perhaps if we let the 1% gut regulations in the US they will eventually take themselves out…


Talk about a Loeng shot!


He obviously should have invested in an opulent panic room in London and all this could have been prevented…

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This is a “satire” news site, if you go to the disclaimer page. I don’t understand this sudden glut of news sites that describe themselves as satire but then proceed to just write fake news with no sense of humor or social/political commentary. The reason people love the Onion so much is because there is always that grain of truth, something really witty about the story. Chinese man kills self with champagne cork is just fake news.


Confirmed; googling ‘“Dingxiang Loeng” -wine -cork’ yielded only a handful of links so the name is certainly not well known.

It was a real corker of a story while it lasted though

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Nuked. Thank you.

I agree. It’s not satire, or if it is, it’s bad satire. More accurately, it’s just bad fiction.