Chanel now sells a very expensive boomerang

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I found one of these while walking through the woods near my home. Of course it didn’t have the expensive paint job, or any resin, or a logo…and it didn’t return to me when I threw it…it was great!


If you want someone to test it out, let me know. You will of course have to provide the boomerang.

Wonder if they make a left-hand version?

At least you won’t accidentally throw it away.

I’ll just see myself out.


I’m certain I tried out a boomerang at some point during my childhood and was quite frustrated that it would not work as advertised. No doubt there is some technique involved that requires patience and instruction to learn.

In that regard, I’d expect a frisbee would be a better choice for this line of items, but then wood and resin are highly unconventional materials for a frisbee.

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I hear they’re coming back.


If you get the urge to buy a boomerang from this post I suggest you get one of these:

It’s like 8 bucks on Amazon and probably a much more enjoyable experience. Had one as kid and can confirm all the good things about it. Made by the same company as Aeropress.

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Please do.



Ditto. They are really really fun.

Yeah, I can’t really imagine I could really relax while hurling an object that cost more than my first car, hoping that if I did it right I might get it back.


When it becomes available, I shall alert you via bongo-drum alarm, Captain.

Yeah, these really do work.

I found that they worked less well than most boomerangs when the wind kicks up a bit, but not a bad throwing toy.

They also sell lovely guillotines…

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Needs more blades for a closer shave.

You know, I really don’t have a problem with this. If some douchenozzle wants to show how fashionable (and stupid) they are by buying a $1k+ boomerang, then whoopity doo.

Hopefully some of the money goes back into circulation as wages, payment for packaging , shipping materials, or whatever.

Me, I’ll stick with the roughly $22 version:

(I’ve got one from this company (not this particular model), and it works well, and is quite fun.)

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on other boomerang-related matters…according to the Apple store, i’m the first (and only?) entry in the Apple database of how laptops have been damaged for “screen broken by a boomerang”. my sister did warn by GF against giving me a boomerang for christmas that year.


Cultural appropriation at its finest.

It is very unlikely that any Aboriginal people are being paid for that “Aboriginal Artwork”, btw.


Yup. But that was the first one that came up on amazon. Figured that I didn’t have to point out “faux” aboriginal style artwork.

mine’s red and black.

Posted that link just to point out that decent boomerangs can be purchased for considerably less than the Chanel model, not to inspire a new thread about cultural appropriation.

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You must live close to where I do – The woods here are full of those!

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