Chaos in England as ornamental wheelbarrow tipped over


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Casualty of a turf war?


Sounds like she is being afforded the opportunity to re-experience that enormous pleasure. Good deed in disguise?


meanwhile, riots break out in Manchester.


KAOS in England?

Wanted for questioning


I do hope the regatta isn’t ruined by all this.


I created an account just to add this…


I was going to come here and suspect hooligans myself. This is just the sort of thing they’d do. Yobs, too.


Why do we still use devices that force one to carry half the weight of a load?


I’m going with someone violent, like a super hero… perhaps Wonder Woman


This is just to say

I have knocked
over the wheelbarrow
that you were
depending on.

and which
you probably enjoyed
setting up
as a planter.

Forgive me
Cause I wanna be


That has to be a bunch of cats in a man suit…


That’s just creepy. I’m never gonna look at my two boys the same way again. :smiley:

Edit to add: Looks like David Bowie.


maneuverability and a lighter empty load.


Well maybe NOW you know why we need more security cameras!


Obviously pervasive drone coverage of all of England is needed. Also facial recognition software to automatically analyze the drone footage. The facial recognition program ought to automatically issue all of the required ASBOs as well.

…so can I be Prime Minister now, or should I talk a bit about dismantling the NHS?


The Ancient Britons were by no means savages before the Conquest, and had already made great strides in civilization, e.g. they buried each other in long round wheelbarrows (agriculture) and burnt each other alive (religion) under the guidance of even older Britons called Druids or Eisteddfods, who worshipped the Middletoe in the famous Druidical churchyard at Stoke Penge.


See these eyes so green…


As was mentioned in a recent thread, Bowie is a heterochrome. There can be a green eye, but it can’t be plural.

(Though some pics do make him look like both green at different shades. I think the right (his left) one is brown or hazel. I dunno, maybe you’re right. :slight_smile: )