Check out this May the 4th "Obi-wan Kenobi" Trailer!

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so… excited…!
Ewan was the best part of the prequels for me, and to see him continue his super-nuanced, studied performance of Alec Guinness’s Kenobi to the connecting point between the prequels and the original movie is going to be so good!


Meh. I’ll probably try watching it - but if it’s as bad as Boba Fett will likely bail.

One does not simply make a show as bad as Boba Fett, you have to want to make a show that bad.




Well, unlike Boba Fett, we have more than a couple sentences’ worth of dialogue and a cool costume when it comes to Master Kenobi. Plus, Ewan McGregor’s reputation precedes him. I’m cautiously optimistic.


You guys are too harsh.

Anyway, ooo so glad we aren’t going to spend all the time on Tatooine (my least favorite SW planet).

Super excited - THIS looks like 4-LOM!!!


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Did they ever show what Alderaan looks like? (I mean close-up, and before the unpleasantness.) The preview shows Obi unconvincingly make his case to Owen that “when the time comes, he must be trained!” So I wonder if he tries the same argument about Leia to Bail Organa.

But I guess making a habit of spying on a young Leia with binoculars from a distance is somehow even creepier than when he does it with Luke, so maybe they won’t go there.

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Flogging a dead bantha.

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Say hi to Rex for me.


I wish the Bluetooth R3X was cooler

How can this only have one like - It’s 4-LOM! I’ll eat my slouch hat if it isn’t!

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