Cheerleading competition may have been ground zero for mumps outbreak

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If ONLY there were some way to protect people from spreading this terrible disease!


Anti-vaxxers, once again bringing back the “good old days.”


Hey, but as long as you’re safe in the stands, cheerleaders with the mumps are so damn cute!

Dealing with this at James Madison University in VA, first in the basketball team then in the dance team. The amount of denial from some of the anti-vaxx families is astounding, mostly taking the form of “No, that is not really happening. It’s just a ploy to get us to poison our kids.” Too bad there is no vaccine for Dunning-Kreuger!

Mumps is a contagious viral disease that causes swelling of the salivary glands, leading to puffy cheeks. It can also cause fever, headache, fatigue and loss of appetite, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Gee, if that’s all that happens with mumps, then what’s the big deal? Seems like there’s no real compelling reason to get a vaccine shot for that. /s

Seriously, is this the new CDC that doesn’t tell about worse complications and effects? Though it does seem that neither mumps nor rubella are nearly as bad as measles.

My mumps, my mumps
My lovely lady mumps?


Omg, if only!
CRISPR to promote growth of brain cells can’t happen soon enough!

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This may not be true if you are male, as one of the effects is orchitis, in which the testicles swell to the size of softballs and are frequently nonfunctional afterwards. Excruciating pain followed by sterility could be considered an adverse outcome.


My uncle became sterile after catching mumps in his early twenties. It’s a genuine issue.


Maurice Hilleman, creator of the mumps vaccine among many others, was unfortunately not able to develop a vaccine against being stupid.


So is the CDC trying to keep from scaring people by just mentioning the milder effects, was it just omitted in the article, or has a certain administration’s actions had a chilling effect on the people working there?

Rubella or German measles is, in fact, a very mild illness if you are already born. However, I if you are exposed as a fetus there is this very nasty thing called congenital rubella syndrome. This involves congenital cardiac defects, intellectual difficulties and is frequently fatal. That is why we vaccinate for it.

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Give me a U!
Give me an M!
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Gooooooo team!

shakes pompoms or something. I have no idea about cheerleading. It’s not really a thing in Australia.

Probably it was just omitted, since, although a serious potential side effect, it’s not very common.

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