Cheeseburger removed from Happy Meal menu

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Won’t SOMEONE think of the LOLcat memes??


A slice of cheese adds that many more calories?


i always wanted nugs anyways suckersssss


From what I can tell, 50 calorie difference overall between hamburger and cheeseburger.
36 calories from fat less in the chee-free burger.

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Even though McDs is a sort of poster child for unhealthy food, their food honestly isn’t too bad, nutrition/health-wise. The cheese really doesn’t add that much, but “kids eating cheeseburgers” is a sort of icon for poor health. The real key is to skip the fries. If your kids are eating giant-size fries and a huge cup of sugary soda with their McChicken they’re going to get a lot chubbier than if they’re eating apple slices and milk with a hamburger.


Was thinking the same thing…“Oh yeah, that slice of cheese is gonna solve all the obesity issues”

Get rid of cheese and have more thoughts and prayers. Should solve all world problems AMIRITE?!?


Also 99% less flavor in the chee-free burger.


Word. The best chefs in the world will argue that the slice of processed cheese is essential to a good burger. I’m dead serious. It’s a texture thing.


“We hope these actions will bring more choices to consumers"


Or, if you must, get the small order and go no-calorie for the drink. A small hamburger or cheeseburger and fries isn’t bad. When you supersize it, that’s where the problems start. Been there, done that, took a couple of years to lose the weight and fit into a smaller T-shirt.

These days, I’m cooking for myself on general principle, though. I took a good look at “where’s my money going?” and realized I was spending a hell of a lot of money on food just by eating out. A decent lunch at a restaurant often hits $10, and dinner easily tops $15, while $20 at my supermarket can easily feed me for a week or more. A little bit of meat goes a long way when you add a ton of vegetables.


“We hope these actions will bring more choices to consumers”

How removing a choice “brings more choices” is such Orwellian double-speak as to cause my mental clutch to burn out trying to shift gears.

Anyone want to bet any given store will happily add a cheeseburger back in again for a slight extra fee?


it’s not about the calories… it’s about sending a message


I often find myself mystified by the inclusion of caramel dipping sauce with the apple slices, which seems quite likely to dampen whatever health benefits may be gained from that selection. Besides, aren’t apples quite sweet enough already? And do you really want to encourage a kid to get his or her fingers over a container of sticky, sugary gel? The option of a carb-laden grilled cheese sandwich doesn’t seem like a great idea either.

But at least they’re offering books these days as an alternative to Happy Meal toys, so that’s something.


Translation: cheese is expensive






My “least bad” cheap fast food meal is the $3.49 for 2 cheeseburgers, sm fries & sm drink at BK. I order them no cheese with heavy onion, and a diet drink, then combine the burgers to make a double on one bun. It’s not exactly healthy food but it could be worse. I get sucked in there because it’s across the street from the Home Depot.


So, for my kid who’s at the 19th percentile for weight and who can use all the calories I can stuff in his face loses a good choice for him when we’re traveling and McDonalds is the only choice for food. Thanks, McDonalds. Just because the average weight has gone up and more at the high end are obese, that doesn’t mean that everyone is overweight.

To be clear, we rarely eat at McDonalds and it now looks like we’ll make even more effort to go elsewhere when we’re traveling and need a quick meal. So, I guess that’s ‘increasing choice’?