Cheggers dead at 60


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Oh, man, Cheggers goes pop! :cry:


Oh, yeah, from Extras. Aw, that’s sad. Mad respect for any actor who appeared on Extras and made real fun of themselves. He was hilarious.


A sad day - he was indeed a lovely man, came and visited our primary school when filming Swap Shop.

When I look back at the fashions sported by da yoof (and da presenters) on that show it makes me shudder (oddly I literally can’t remember the kind of things I would wear when 10 years old, think I must have blanked it out…)


Cheggers. :sweat:


Well played, sir. Well played. I expect we’ll see it on the front page of The Star tomorrow. :wink:


The, I presume unintentionally inappropriate, emoji adds a certain intrigue to your comment. I had to go though several before I found :cry:; before that I was expressing disappointed relief (:disappointed_relieved:) and sleepiness (:sleepy:)


These out-takes from “Extras” had me smiling despite the sad news - I’m sure he would appreciated that.


Duh! I’m not a Briton of a certain age. Cheggers was endearingly funny in Extras.


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