Cheney slams Trump's "fascist playbook" on Colbert

Originally published at: Cheney Slams Trump's "fascist playbook" on Colbert


It is so infuriating that even Trump‘s harshest critics within the GOP refuse to see him as anything other than a one-off fluke that has no connection with the policies or messages they have championed for generations.


Exactly. What Cheney is doing isn’t courage - it’s damage control and cowardice.
Like pretty much every Trump critic in her party she was happy to use the nascent fascism in the Republican Party to fuel her rise to power and keep her there.
She just balked at taking the last steps into full-blown fascism because she was scared of the eldritch horror that is starting to break out of its cocoon - and wants help keeping it in there where it can’t hurt her.


So… it’s a fluke… an “aberration”… that a self-proclaimed ‘dictator’ with clear fascist and racist philosophy is going to be strongly supported by the republican party as their nominee for president …again? That’s a real persistent and recurring “abberation”. She’s proven to be a brave politician, but she’s still covering for a thoroughly demented and corrupt leadership.


Ugh. It’s never the right time with these people to discuss how we got here. Whether it’s gun violence, or health care, or immigration reform, or COVID response, or wars, or the rise of fascism, it’s never the fucking time to discuss anything, according to the GOP. We might be able to stop Trump from getting elected, but we can’t fix this problem if we, as a nation, and the GOP specifically, don’t get honest about how we got here. And people like Liz Cheney, and especially her father, built the road that led here.


It was a good interview, but the question I wish he had asked is, “What makes the GOP think that they can dog whistle to bigots and racists beginning in the 60’s when the Civil Rights legislation was passed without long term damage to the country?” The stage has been set for years for a wannabe demagogue to exploit this weakness, and it’s all on the GOP.


Liz Cheney: It’s really important, in my view, that we not slide into saying everything the Republicans have ever done is somehow the same as what Donald Trump has done.

Stephen Colbert: I’m not saying everything. I’m saying there are breadcrumbs.

Liz Cheney: You and I are not going to agree on that.

Stephen Colbert: I know we’re not going to agree, but do you understand why I am asking that question?

Liz Cheney: Well, you should let me answer it.

Stephen Colbert: Go ahead.

Liz then proceeds to give a response straight out of the Alt-Right Playbook, and not answer the question.

Colbert’s question being How is what Trump has done not the natural evolution of what Republicans have been saying since the civil rights era?

Another thing, I’m sick of her sob story that she got kicked out of a leadership position.

Republicans would have done the same thing to anyone who questioned Bush Jr or Dick Cheney’s actions.

Republicans haven’t cared about the truth for a long time. They just care about loyalty and power.


The Bothsidesism BS is as infuriating as characterising the logical outcome of more than half a century of racism and bad faith as an “aberration”. I know people praise her for her “integrity”, but I don’t see it. Have a cookie for opposing overt fascism, though, Liz.


She sure is selling that book of hers.


Argh. Cheney takes no responsibility whatsoever for the rise of Trump, when the GOP has for years, for decades, paved the road for his arrival. And then laid down palm leaves for him.

Now she wants to pretend he’s “an aberration”? That she has no idea how her team is responsible for the damage he has done, and is still doing??

I have zero tolerance for this.


i agree. at the same time i find it infuriating that it’s our goram comedians who are even trying to ask these sort of questions. everyone is way too deferential to these folks who are trying to bring on gilead


It’s a shame the audience applauded her as if she was one of the good guys.


Liz Cheney: I think when I stood in front of my colleagues, for example, when they kicked me out of leadership, I said to them “we cannot become the party of anti-Semitism, white supremacy, racism, and bigotry.”

become? Ms. Cheney, that ship sailed a long time ago. It continues to sail (see not only Trump but also Paxton and the Texas Supreme Court, as just one example.) If you’re not going to help us sink that fucking battleshit, at least don’t try to keep it afloat. [No, that’s not a typo.]


As much as she is railing against fuckface von clownstick, if she really can’t see what the GOP has become then it will be for naught.


I’m sorry, did I miss that you were riding on someone else’s coattails to get elected? That you were a member of some Alt-Republican group that in no way share any of the values, tactics, scheming, or campaigning of the Real-Republican party that elected Trump? Because that’s what we hear you saying.


So now that her fellow leopards stopped her eating faces by stabbing her in the back for criticizing the head leopard, she’s portraying herself as a victim who’s bravely trying to keep people’s faces from getting eaten by leopards. But not really, because she’s still a leopard, and she still wants to eat people’s faces, but not quite so openly. Got it.


I feel like Stephen Colbert could have checked her on the “rampant anti-semitism” on the left. Sure it’s happening but “rampant”? Is she confusing being against the Israeli government (you know, for steamrolling over Palestinians all in the name of routing out Hamas) with being anti-Jewish? It also was a dodge against the claim that Trump gained popularity with voters by being openly racist towards immigrants and Mexicans. Really not the same thing.

It was kind of hilarious her claim that Trump’s base felt that they weren’t being heard but Trump was some kind of champion in saying he’d speak for them. Isn’t that contradictory? Well, as much as she thought Trump was uniquely terrible, Colbert pointed out she voted with him about 90% of the time.

I enjoyed watching her rip into the instigators of an attempted insurrection during the Jan. 6 committee hearings but I can’t say I’m excited about her upcoming book.


Liz was there when the GOP was raising leopards on human flesh, why does she think a leopard eating faces is an aberration?



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