Chicago is facing its first citywide hotel strike since 1903


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Can confirm. The nearest picket line to me is at the W Hotel. It’s been there for a week now, and it’s a very noisy picket line, but that’s a good thing & I love them.

ETA: I wish I could upload an audio file for you all. IThey are banging pots and pans, they have airhorns, they have good chanting (people always underestimate the importance of a good, coherent, well-designed chant IMO). Passing cars will honk their horns. A few minutes ago, a motorcycle stopped at the stoplight was revving in rhythm with the protesters. The sonic qualities of protest really are a phenomenon to behold.


I hope the strikers get what they need.


I imagine that if anything makes Orange’s blood boil, this is it.


Fuck yeah solidarity.


It’s about time. Maybe unions will start to gain in popularity again among workers. If they aren’t outlawed by drumpf & co.


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