Child molester Roy Moore said he wants to repeal all Constitutional amendments after the first ten, which would revive slavery and end votes for women and black people


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"A Moore spokesman says that just because Moore said he wants to get rid of these, that’s no reason to interpret that as meaning that he wants to get rid of these.

“Once again, the media is taking a discussion about the overall framework for the separation of powers as laid out in the constitution to twist Roy Moore’s position on specific issues,” Brett Doster told CNN. “Roy Moore does not now nor has he ever favored limiting an individual’s right to vote, and as a judge, he was noted for his fairness and for being a champion of civil rights.”

Right. Just like all the reports of assault and misconduct with underaged girls shouldn’t be interpreted as assault and untowardness with underaged girls… SMFH.


So, Moore’s startling resemblance to a shit sandwich… feature or bug?


Even before the molestation history came out, he was a parody of the Evil Republican. (All sorts of fictional villains previously deemed cartoonish or “over the top” are being re-evaluated because of him.) The fact that the Republicans of his state are willing - an enthusiastically willing - to vote for him indicates that what might have previously been dismissed as a horrible Straw Man version of Southern Republicans is, in fact, exactly who they are.

Uh, yeah, that’s exactly what he was known for… Those guys have no sense of irony.





He’s probably fine with the 18th amendment coming back though.


Jesus Christ, Doctorow. Is Moore paying you to post for him? You’re only making him more likely to be elected.



He’s said and done things that only a racist, sexist, and decidedly biased and unfair person would do.

The GOP projection and hipocrisy of “activist judges” has never been more apparent.


So, so much projection…


I have a feeling Moore supporters aren’t going to be falling all over themselves to read BoingBoing.



Come on, you can’t expect him to be all lawyerly and precise about Constitutional law. It’s not like he’s a judge or something.


I get the point about wanting to reduce government bureaucracy, but the broad sweeping rights enumerated in the Constitution and Amendments are not the issue.


:musical_note: When the truth is told and there is
The dignity to remember the dead
Because as long as they are distorting the past
It means they have the intention of doing it again :musical_note:


Some Alabama voters seem willing to vote for this guy regardless of what else he has done only on the basis that he opposes abortion rights. This one wedge issue keeps the GOP in power all over the country. If the Christians could get over it the USA would have a very different political landscape.

Listen to this NPR interview of an Evangelical woman discussing today’s election and the issue:


Wait, so he wants to adopt an Amendment that repeals all Amendments after the 10th? Wouldn’t that immediately repeal his Amendment, effectively nullifying it? Or would they get repealed in numerical order, neatly wiping his after the rest were already gone?

I hope his proposed Time Travel Amendment is very carefully worded to avoid all possible paradoxes or we could wind up with a T. Rex for President.

Actually…that might not be so bad.


I can’t believe that he left off the Third & Ninth Amendments.


As long as you are white, christian, and hetero.