Chris Harrison steps aside from "The Bachelor" after racially insensitive interview

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Since it’s relevant, I’ll re-post this from the Carano topic:

I will give Chris Harrison credit for offering a genuine apology and acknowledging his cluelessness here, in contrast to the butthurt reactions of Carano and other outspoken right-wing celebs.


RotW here: What happened between 2018 and 2021 to make a difference? A new more inclusive culture ushered in by the President of the time? When has that sort of thing ever not been disgraceful?


50 million people went to racist themed antebellum parties in 2018?




today’s cancel culture

Why on earth would you adopt this framing?

It’s the people defending Harrison who are going to say he was “canceled,” which makes him the victim of evil hypothetical leftists rather than his own stupidity. Whereas what actually happened is that saying stupid shit that makes racism okay if it happened more than five minutes ago is unpopular, and it’s his job to not be unpopular.

High-profile public figures have been kicked to the curb for doing or saying things that make them look like schmucks for as long as there’s been mass culture. The only thing that’s new in the last few years is this “cancel culture” framing that lets schmucks put a pro-schmuck spin on it.


He has hosted the reality show for all of its 25 seasons.

This always jumps out at me. These opinions from douchebags like this guy don’t spring from nowhere. I guarantee you this is not the first racist thing he has said or done. Everyone around him probably knows about these shitty attitudes. It’s also likely he has other shitty attitudes about women, immigration, or related things. Yet for 25 years he was tolerated.

THAT to me is really the problem. Guys like this getting a free pass for their entire careers because, what, camera presence? Lots of people have that who aren’t shitty people.


Yes, 2018 was SO LONG AGO. It was another time, when we were more tolerant of segregation and celebrating our racist forebearers! Hell, we churned our own butter back then. Mammy and Pappy used to take us for horse drawn wagon rides into town where we’d get a nice sarsaparilla and see the five cent bijou picture. Why, I can’t even REMEMBER 2018, that’s how…

Oh who am I kidding. What a dumb ass take. We KNOW better! We’ve known better for decades (and honestly, we’ve known better for centuries, but not enough people cared to make the changes happen). And 50 million people? Uh… I think you’re over estimating by a factor of at LEAST a thousand, and probably closer to ten thousand.

Racism is the systems default. Anything that attempts to point that out and change it is viewed as the abnormal event.


Hey Chris, here’s a clue: it was disgraceful in 1821.


Trump rallies?


My response to anyone complaining about “Cancel Culture” is that it is simply the “Free Market” doing what we’ve always been promised by libertarians that it would do someday-- not that I’ve ever seen any evidence of it elsewhere.


conservatives have been perfectly fine with bible thumpers canceling drinking, dancing, drugs, and rock-n-roll – i guess it’s great to know they’re finally going to stop.


What he is really saying is that it took him until his mid to late forties to realize that racism is not cool.


BisFitty demonstrated how appropriate such parties are in 2015.


No rose for you, Chris, GTFO.


I’m open to the idea that moral standards drift over time. Let’s see by 2017, before his cutoff, Cracked was already writing about how fucked up it was that such events still existed. Somehow 'Plantation Weddings' Are Still A Thing | The Kendall Plantations viral event planner post happened in late 2016 and went viral in news stories in early 2017. Salon was writing about the tastelessness of such events by 2014. However, going back to 1999, for Reese Witherspoon’s wedding, the general celebrity press didn’t object. So going by the lowest bar, clueless white celebrity culture, he still missed the cutoff. It’s always been wrong, but even without being particularly aware, it would have been obvious before his event.


Actually, the first season was Spring 2002, there’s been 25 seasons of The Bachelor (and 16 of The Bachelorette) so about 2 seasons between the two per year


Ok so Apparently for this guy make America great again refers to those halcyon days of 2018.

I think the big problem for conservatives is that for centuries they were the cancellers, not the cancelled, and now that they are on the receiving end they don’t like it. They wrongly assumed they were going to partake in consequence free prejudice like their parents and grandparents.


And in their self-righteous indignation, they slapped a pithy little slogan onto it because “cancel culture” sounds better - more victim-ish - than, “the consequences of my own actions.”