Chris Hayes on the "depraved indifference" of the Trump administration toward COVID-19

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Look at the number of dislikes (“thumbs down”) on this video. It does not reflect well on YouTube viewers in particular, nor the American people in general. Strong words are unpleasant for those who see no problem with the “depraved indifference” of their leaders.


Yeah, that just about sums it up.



Stop being kind. There is no depraved indifference. This is not born of stupidity or indifference.

This is a GENOCIDE.

Trump is committing a genocide on the American people because he thought it would help his election chances. He meant it. He purposefully killed hundreds of thousands of Americans with the theory that it would kill more urban Democrats before the election, and when it ravaged the rural Republican areas after, who cared, he got their vote already.

And the Reichpublicans are aiding and abetting him commit this genocide.


This video reminded me of why I’m in anger management classes.

The judge apparently couldn’t understand, so now I’m forced to sit in a room full of half maskless morons, including the teachers, and pay for the privilege.

It was alleged I spit on a truck with a 7 ft high Trump flag. The truck was in front of a local restaurant known to have consistently violated the original quarantine order from the Governor, and even been interviewed on local TV for it.

When they asked people to explain what angered them one night, I told the teacher all the people not wearing a mask, like the people in the class right now. You should have seen their faces.

My country, my sanity, our lives, its all being destroyed by criminal indiffence and sociopathy in the face of science. While some of us like me are also out of work.

Life is utterly horrible. I even pay rent to a Trump family. And now, someone close to me may have been exposed to covid. I wonder if we will ever wake up from this hell.


Hope it starts to turn around for you soon


We can go deep into debt to wage a war, we can go even deeper into debt to give the wealthy another tax cut they don’t even need, but we can’t go into debt to pay businesses to stay closed and have people stay home.

If back in the spring the federal government had said “look the economy is going to tank either way, we are going to require everyone stay home and wear masks in public, we will do what we can to support citizens and businesses economically” then we would be in so much better a position.

It’s not just that Trump is incompetent and craven, it’s that the Republicans are so set in their ways and so chained to their religious devotion to the free market, that any federal response is considered socialism, and to them socialism is the real virus.


I hope that there will be some process of truth and reconciliation for all this at some point down the road. Being realistic, though, it’s more likely that the Know-Nothing 27% and others trying to preserve white supremacy and plutocracy will preclude that.



I was hesitant to mention something this personal, but I feel like others should see what Trumpland has done to some people.

It’s even more ridiculous because one of the teachers actually tried to bribe me last week, to pay him extra and he’d record I’d showed up to meetings I hadnt. I thought another guy was joking when he mentioned the teach would help a guy out- but these people exist. Man tried to bribe me in a church no less, I told my lawyer, said there’s nothing you can prove, so just don’t do it.

It’s a shame because that teacher is actually good at it, and gets people to chill out. He takes Covid seriously too. The rest don’t.

I spent months before this dealing with the same shit at work, had to threaten a lawsuit to get them to take wearing masks seriously. Ironically it was one of those meetings that motivated my disgust on my way home… It was a dick move on my part.

My family doesn’t know, I’m trying to spare my older parents the stress. They don’t need any more right now.

I desperately want to leave the US when I can, I can’t deal with these people anymore, they’re killing us and I refuse to tolerate their bullshit anymore.


I understand your rage. Sometimes anger can be a powerful motivation for change. If you are serious about emigrating, now might be a good time to start researching ways & means. It’s a long process, & will take a lot of energy. I wish you the best.


Already have but my family doesn’t understand why I want to leave so badly

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