Christopher Cantwell - that NAZI in the VICE article - is crying like a little kid in this video


Oh my goodness, I remember this guy from when I was an ancap a few years ago. This guy, iirc, has an alcohol problem and he definitely loved to spout threats of violence way back then too (at the time cops were his favorite targets). It’s just funny seeing how the only thing that’s changed about this guy is that he lost some weight and picked another political ideology. Beyond that, he’s still the same raging crybaby that gets mad when things don’t go his way. Also, it’s odd how I’m the leftist hippie now (mutualist) and he’s a whiny fascist. People are weird.

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No: that is a bridge too far with my analysis. I am analyzing it only insofar as to figure out what has the desired effect: to box them in so that we can push back their tide of hate.

As for actually changing their minds and hearts, all my little scribe is is the very first little step: make them feel a bit of remorse and shame. Rock them back on their heels.

For actual change? I think that is only going to be generational, in that on a mass scale we never teach kids to be racists in the first place. Pretty hard to damn near impossible to unlearn once learnt.


Yes, by all accounts, one would consider him a Terrorist today. Then again, one would say the same thing about the underground blowing up Nazis in Poland, France, and Germany.


two points:

  1. Credit to him that he clearly has dieted and lost weight. Grats on getting more physically fit while getting more mentally moronic.


About 15 years ago, my wife and I were looking at homes in northern Massachusetts. We were both working off the Boston tech corridor, and didn’t want to live in the heart of Route 9 area…so commuting from northern MA was more desirable than from northern RI where we were. We decided to look at southern NH (Keene, Merrimack, Nashua region).

We saw…count em…THREE confederate flags. My wife who was born here, but raised in Nigeria asked “Uh, hun…isn’t that the confederate flag?” to which I sadly said “Yeah…sure is”. Then she added “Uh, I didn’t get the best US History education in Nigeria…but didn’t the north win?” me: “Yup…we sure did. Apparently these asshats didn’t get the message or they are very confused as to where the mason-dixon line was.”

Not surprised this clown is from Keene. AT ALL.


It is, but considering that women have long dealt with being called that particular slur at the drop of a hat, I have no problem with anyone using it against men who lack any integrity or a spine; usually they are the type of dudes who think it’s the worst insult possible.

I’m of the same mind.


Even among the Keene libertarian crowd they don’t work with him, not after he started talking stuff about killing cops a few years back. It’s just funny seeing how he’s not changed in the years I’ve heard of him in the web forums.


I have a bit of a problem with the concept of ‘Anti-Fa’. I’ve only heard of this in the last few days, but then I’m not from the US. And I’m not having a go ‘Wanderfound’ at you in any way, I’ve seen this mentioned a few times

My problem is: isn’t ‘Anti-Facist’ everyone?

There are Facist’s and then there is everyone else. There is a small, but rapidly growing, bunch of Nazis and then there is everyone else in the whole world who is against this shit. That is the normal, average person in the street.

I would rather the Anti-Fi counter protesters just had banners with ‘actual people’, ‘human’, or ‘everyone else’.

Being Anti-Facist shouldn’t be a movement, that is just the normal, average, everyone.

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Exactly. I’ve unfortunately spent the last couple days arguing with nazi-sympathizers on Reddit (a stupid habit that I should stop because it gives me heartburn), and every single person to the right of center talks about the “bad” nazis and “bad” “antifa thugs and communists” who were opposing the nazis. The idea that you can be against the racist torch-bearing fuckwads and not be a communist simply doesn’t compute.

I’m going down to protest the “Free Speech” rally in Boston on Saturday. If someone wants to call me “communist antifa,” I’ll wear the label gladly, though I’ll be confused. “Normal person” would also be fine.


Anti-fascist: all decent people.

Antifa: the folks described below.


I’ve been saying this awhile, WAAAAAAYYYYY too many people are so rigidly locked into their political identity as a team, they see EVERYTHING that isn’t “with” them as “against them”. It is on both sides, though it seems the right has it worse than the left, in my personal observations.

I see just about every one, though, locking people into camps and labels, even if they aren’t as rigidly locked into team.


Hi yes, before I read this far I considered pming you. I like this post but, the title put me off. If you are wondering if it is actually still a sexist slur, please consider the way it is used. This article breaks it down beautifully:

What remained problematic, however, was the way “bitch” related to power dynamics. When women have too much power, they’re called bitches as a way to knock them down a peg. But when men aren’t asserting enough power, they’re called bitches too. In the E-40 and Too $hort song “Bitch” (2010), we hear both versions of the word: E-40 tells men “don’t act like a bitch” and criticizes men who have “feminine tendencies like a bitch,” but also calls a woman who has sex with multiple men a “bitch.”

As Lupe Fiasco so eloquently put it: “Bitch bad, woman good, lady better.”

But perhaps the problem isn’t really so much what we call women—it’s how we treat women. “Bitch” has come a long way, sure, but perhaps the reason it hasn’t been truly reclaimed is because conditions for women haven’t really changed, either. If there ever comes a time when women aren’t made to feel ashamed of their sexuality, when they don’t have to fight for fair wages or the opportunity to speak in a meeting, when they don’t constantly fear the possibility of violence or sexual assault, and when women feel that they have some say in the society that we live in, then “bitch” will shed that last layer of stigma for good. Words only make sense in context. When we see the day when the context is changed, then the core meaning of the word will change, too.

But has that day arrived yet? Bitch, please.


I went a head and edited the title. I am not going to get into its acceptability/unacceptability of its use, but I decided I didn’t want to lower myself. Thanks.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

It’s a murky subject for sure, and by no means universally agreed upon or settled. Your acknowledgement of my uncomfortable feelings about it even if you don’t agree, feels amazing.

Thank you, internet stranger!


Hats off to you, good sir!


What a cutie!!!

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The only things good about Keene are

  1. The pumpkin festival
  2. Not being in Keene

(And Claremont isn’t much better.)


You’d think. Antifa are the people who actually engage in anti-Fascist actions on the fringe, while the rest of us snooze comfortably unaware of the activity of actual fascists. It isn’t until something like Charlottesville that the majority get clued in.

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