Chuck Schumer compares mailbomb to Republican office window broken by thieves

That seems a bit pedantic. This bomber mailed 8 packages(it could be 1 person who mailed them all at the same time).
The baseball shooter shot at 24 people, hitting 6 and killing 1 and firing 70 shots.

I would still count all of these bombs as a single event. Particularly since it seems likely that they were all from 1 person. I get that the delivery of the attack is a bit apples to oranges, but they were both horrible acts of violence.
I absolutely don’t think that the congressional shooting pales in comparison to this bombing attack. They are both grotesque partisan attacks.

As far as violence since the 1980s, I would tend to agree. However, the closest parallels are the Congressional shooting and the attack on Gabby Gifford. Gabriel Gifford was attacked by a person without political affiliation. So, in recent memory, this seems to be perpetrated by both sides.

And that seems a bit disingenuous. Which is no more surprising than your whataboutism and false equivalencies. Like @Melz2 I’m done engaging with you.

Save your (admitted) contrarian trolling for the creationist sites. We’re not buying here.


I never expect more than a knife in the back from any politician, but I’m glad you’ll be joining me in voting for the fuck-ups. It’s the only chance we have, no matter how remote.


Thanks for sharing that link; it’s been book marked and added to my archives.


Back-pedalling now won’t make the slightest bit of difference.


“If you deliberately forget everything except for one example on each side, then both sides are the same.”


What other major acts of terrorism against political figures by the right should I be considering in my hypothetical Chuck Schumer calculus?
To be clear, I think that Trump’s rhetoric is WAY more inviting to terrorist acts.
AT the end of the day, I am just discussing Schumer and his thought process on concrete events.


Contrarian Warning Sign Number Four, from the link above (dated 2006, but of course I’ve seen this since the days of Usenet):

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Copying that for future use.


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How many people can a bomb injure or kill? Hey - the guy only shot one grenade from the grenade launcher?

Also - 10 and counting.


The other guy fired more than 70 rounds into a group of congressmen. How many could that injure or kill?
I am just saying that if one person mailed all of these bombs in one day, I think we can call it a “single attack”. I don’t even know that it matters. Both events were horrible and no sane person should support either one.

Are you honestly arguing that a dozen active shooters attacking Congress(as in the Handmaiden’s Tale) is less violent of an attack than 100 bombs being mailed? That seems like a completely trivial distinction.

My point is that in very recent memory the Republicans can point to a left-winger who attacked a bunch of Republican politicians. Schumer is trying to walk a fine line. He is trying to admit that things have gotten heated on both sides(and tacitly allude to the baseball shooting) and call for calm.
I will PROMISE you that some Republicans will be talking about the baseball shooting to try to deflect very soon.

Your point is that you can find one instance in a sea of other instances.

You know - that’s a pretty sucky point. What else you got?


Not really a “Sea of other instances”.
As I pointed out to others, those other instances are all of right-wingers just being general asshats. They aren’t trying to assassinate political figures.

Here is what I have this century:
-Bombing attempt(right wing attack)
-Baseball shooting(left wing)
-Gabby Gifford shooting(crazy person)
-Anthrax attack(?crazy person?)
-9/11(Muslim terrorists)
-2013 ricin letter attack(?crazy person)
-2003 ricin letter(left ring?/crazy)
-2011 White House shooting(crazy person)
-2001 White house shooting(crazy person)
-Rand Paul’s crazy fist fight over his lawn


You’re eliding all the abortion clinic attacks and hate crimes against minorities, non Christians and lgbt people. Those are all political.


Re-edit comment. The Islamist murders listed above are also right wing attacks.


Im not a Christian, I am an atheist. I despise the Christian right and the attempt at an American theocracy. However, calling abortion-center bombings “political” is bullshit. They may be taxonomically right wing, but that doesn’t make them political.

Those people would call themselves Socialists if it meant they got to ban abortion. They have zero political affiliation.

Your understanding of what qualifies as political is lacking.

That said - I’m glad that you agree with that classification of the Obama assassination attempts, the hate crimes and the chart on the overwhelming preponderance of such emanating from the right.