Church resembles penis




Well that IS unfortunate :slight_smile:


I hope the photo’s upside-down. Otherwise, that curvature hurts to look at.


“Come Unto Me.” –Jesus


Get yer mind out of the gutter… It is obviously a Marzipan Almond Kipferl – they obviously partake of a specific form of Jesus meat during their communion.

What’s For Lunch Honey? | Experience Your Senses: Marzipan Almond Kipferl - The Crescent Cookies


Or it could just be a smiling pair of lips, with large, mismatched dimples. Yes.


It’s one thing to notice it from the sky, but how did they not notice it when the blueprints were drawn up? Honestly, someone should have seen this one coming. {Rimshot!}


If that’s supposed to be a scrotum on the left side, someone really should have done a testicular self-examination.



I spent too much time looking for it, but maybe in the newer google Maps it’s been torn down. I don’t see it in Chrome (new Maps?) but I do see it in Safari. Here is the relevant intersection.


church resembles penis.
pff… how is that news
yea and water is wet…

oh just saw the photo holy crap!


How come Street View shows a completely different building?


Dixon IL may be a small town, but it’s also Reagan’s hometown. He would be proud to know it has come up in the world.


Street view cameras roll much much less frequently than aerial photos are updated.


Aren’t steeples just representations of a holy penis?


Here’s the addy if anyone is interested in seeing it for themselves. WHERE MY DIXON PEOPLES AT?!

324 W. First Street, Dixon, Illinois 61021

From their Facebook page.

I’m not from Dixon.



Anyone see the joke here?


You beat me to it.


Here is the church,
Here is the steeple,
Open it up,
And there is all th-OMG its a penis!!!


You should see how they celebrate Communion!


They photograph it from the base.