Citing Brett Kavanaugh appointment, California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has quit the GOP


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“In California, the GOP scores below “no party preference” in voter registration,”

This is true nationally as well, partly because it is true in the most populous coastal states. But it is also true fro Democrats as well. Independents now make up the largest voting block, but the parties maintain their power by their control of the election process.


I did not know Queen Latifah was a judge!


Good for her, I’m glad it’s not a federal supreme court justice quitting; which is how I first misread the heading.


Tani if it took you all the way to Kavanaugh, well Girl better late than never, but tRump should’ve been enough…


Why is it people only say “you didn’t leave the party” when somebody leaves a party?


She was 9 years old when the GOP implemented the Southern Strategy, so I’m not entirely buying this “they left you” bullshit. Just saying.


a large part of why I’ve switched to thinking Individual-1 needs to be impeached and not just voted out is to distinctly mark every disastrous consequence of what he has done to this country so it’s not forgotten for at least a couple decades before the next generation repeats all the mistakes again

the only way Brett Kavanauh could also be impeached is if first Individual-1 becomes the first president to be thrown out (even Nixon resigned before he was literally dragged out but Individual-1 can never do that because the presidency itself is the only thing protecting him right now from prison)


Why in blazes does a supposedly-impartial State Supreme Court Chief Justice have an expressly-declared party affiliation in the first place!?


When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time


Because it allows them to pretend that the party they joined has “left them behind” in having radically altered into this toxic, fascist monster, rather than acknowledging that it was more or less always like this, albeit just more superficially polite about it.


Politeness aside, the GOP has gotten worse in substance, too. Especially relative to the rest of the country.


In some respects it has become more extreme (or perhaps just more consistent), but it was already the party of overt white supremacists like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurman, the party that previously nominated and supported Clarence Thomas, the party that took on its modern incarnation by solidifying around an anti-civil rights position.


Possibly because judges are elected, or appointed to the post by politicians, who will twist the letter of the law into the most amazing balloon animals in order to maintain their friends’ grip on power and their own place at the head of the gravy train?


Voters—people, not “procedures”—control with which party to associate and vote along with. The parties in and of themselves don’t have anything to do with the actual process of voting.

And, turns out, people can join whichever party and change its course.

Which is why the GOP is what it has become, and how the Democratic party has become what it is.

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hot take: if it took her this long she’s a piece of shit too


They do. They make up the election commissions, and set ballot access laws, and districting to favor their organizations and generally make it more difficult for independent candidates.


For voting in primaries. California’s current jungle primary law (all candidates on one ballot) didn’t take effect until after she was Chief Justice, and the GOP presidential primary is still open only to party members.

So if she was a Republican voter who wanted to vote in primaries, she (1) had to be registered GOP when she was elevated to Chief Justice and (2) had to remain that way to vote in presidential primaries even though the law changed for other offices.

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