Civil rights complaint: cop ordered black shoppers to remove coronavirus masks

At 0:23, he says, “We’ve been asked to leave.” Now I guess that’s technically not the same as being ordered to leave, but when the guy doing the asking has got his hand on his gun, I submit that’s a distinction without a difference.


Ah yes. I’m sure they’ll find themselves completely innocent. No conflict of interest there at all.


I’d believe literally everyone else before I’d believe a cop’s narrative.


Surely you’re familiar with American policing. When one of our armed, trained-to-escalate, unprosecutable cops tells you to do something, volition doesn’t really come into it.




It’s not just about protecting him. One major benefit of everyone wearing masks is that (often asymptomatic) carriers of the virus are less likely to infect others since it stops exhaled droplets from getting into the air or onto other surfaces.


He said they look suspicious, which would give authority to demand ID. However, he’s probably to slow to articulate “why” they looked suspicious, which is a requirement of the whole, “let’s see some ID”, thing.
So, most likely, he invented the law that states, “Show ID or leave the store!” From there, you get, “You see like weed.” and the, “Why are so nervous?”.
Then it’s, “for your safety and mine, I’m going to pat you down.” Which usually turns into, “What’s tha in you pocket?”
Next comes, “DONT PULL AWAY!” which becomes,”STOP RESISTING!!”

Later it’s, “It looked like he was reaching for his waistband.”

Damn! “Smell” like weed…and Why are”you” so nervous…in “your” pocket…

Why do “I” smell like weed?

From what I understand that is the only benefit of wearing anything less than a properly fitted N95.

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