'No mask - No entry.' Cuomo to sign law allowing NY businesses to deny entry to anyone without a mask

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“You don’t want to wear a mask fine, but you don’t have a right to go into that store if that store owner doesn’t want you to.” — NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo



Are you saying you think this will be used inappropriately, to further marginalize already-marginalized people? (Don’t want to put words in your mouth, that’s just what I would think if I saw that sign posted in a business’s window.)

My knee-jerk reaction is you’re right, although I can’t put my finger on how this rule differs from one like “no shirt, no shoes…”

Help Wanted: Security Guard

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No, I’m saying that most businesses already actively enforce common safety standards like “No Shoes, No Shirt, NO SERVICE.”

Extending it to wearing masks during a pandemic seems intuitive.


I’ve seen the sign in stores that are owned by progressives who don’t take shit from racists and associated assholes, but I live in Portland, so your mileage may vary.


Fully agree.

It just reminded me of the Cake Shop v. Colorado case from a few years back. I’m feeling on edge lately, wonder why…

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Yeah i don’t see how the executive order changes anything beyond it being good PR. Businesses already have the right to refuse service as long as it is not discriminatory, but hey if this is what it takes to make the public aware that not wearing a mask will get you kicked out of a store in NYC then so be it.


I hope they include something about not taking off the mask once inside, otherwise assholes will asshole.


Covid Karen does not approve.


Isn’t that already the case? Places of business can reserve the right to throw anyone out, as long as it doesn’t violate various civil rights legislation?


It give the businesses cover: when the murderous Trumpvirus lovers show up to get aggro the shop owners can shrug and say, “Take it up with the cops, asshole.” For the people who have to bear the brunt of the issue it sucks the politics out of requiring masks in their store.


Lets contrive an example:
Lets say the owner of a business had put up a sign “Hillary Supporters not welcome” back in 2016. Someone came in with a “Hillary 2016” T-shirt, and the owner refused to serve them and threw them out. Goes go court, and there’s a long drawn out expensive court case about if the owner had the right to throw them out, or if the owner violated the person’s rights by throwing them out.

Now envision that same scenario with someone refusing to wear a mask to a business today. The owner and/or employees can expect the same sort of bankrupting law-suite to come their way by someone deliberately trying to make trouble about it, so the business has to choose between being bankrupted by a law suite, or will simply not attempting to enforce any public safety, making employees terrified and unwilling to come to work, customers being afraid to enter the business, etc.

This law now gives the owners legal cover to protect themselves and their employees and other customers from infected wanna-be Covid-Marys, without risking being put out of business over it.

BTW, anyone going out in public right now without a mask, is, by definition, infected and highly contagious, and is deliberately trying to infect others out of the malice from their black heart, and you should scream loudly to everyone around pointing out how that person is trying to infect everyone else and how everyone should keep away.


Of course they will anyway. In life there are three things that are inevitable and inescapable: death, taxes, and assholes.


Thats… not a good comparison/example. One is refusal of service directly related to politics, the other is refusal of service to preserve public health. If someone sees wearing a mask as a political statement they’ve got bigger issues in their life, like a lack of a brain.


They can already do this, as long as they are not violating equal protection clause. The only thing this really does it make it explicit, but they could already throw someone out for not adhering to the store policy.


On my last shopping trip I was sandwiched in line between two people doing this. They had masks on, technically, but they both had their masks down with their mouths and noses exposed. And, surprise surprise, neither of them were respecting the six foot rule :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m sort of coveting the hi-vis vest I saw an outside vendor wearing as they stocked store shelves that said “Keep Back 6 Feet” in giant black letters - kind of like the person was a fire truck or something. It seemed a better reminder than having to confront people orally. But I guess people who don’t respect rules in general would not respect the sign on the back of a vest either… :-/


No, they are going to claim they were being discriminated based on their politics and sue try to put the business out of business (every covid-mary type person in the various videos always blather that it’s their freedom to willingly spread the disease to others). So, it would require court case to establish they were just trying protect public health rather attempting to discriminate against a freedom-loving American. (Because somehow protecting public health by wearing a mask has become a Left-Right political statement instead of a public-health thing).

With the law, the business now has an explicit right to preserve public health.

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Damn Branch Covidian Commies, trying to appropriate public property and tresspassing at will!

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