Civility First, Please: It's far more pleasant if we pretend things are normal


I think most people anywhere are capable of hating. People are people—we’re not really different from people on the right—we just choose different specific things to like or hate, but we still like and hate just the same. We identify ourselves with different things—but we identify just the same. We have different blind spots—but we have blind spots just the same. I think anyone is in danger of becoming hate-filled, especially in troubled times.


I disagree about common proclivities on the right and the left. Generally, the former uses enflamed hatred of minoritized others as a political tool, while the latter politicizes a declared embrace (however symbolic at times) of minoritized others.

Many on the left do hate, say, individuals like Trump, but it’s not the kind of widespread hatred for entire groups that continually spews from the right.


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