Classic on-air fight between anchor and reporter

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I can’t see through metal, Kent!


I’d love to know more about this incident, but there’s no way in hell I’m googling “Dick Olive” while at work.


Having worked in TV news myself a long time ago, this was a favourite clip that brought back memories. At one place I worked we also had an anchor who loathed one of the reporters (and vice-versa). It was always a treat for the newsroom staff when the hatred boiled over into borderline unprofessional sniping on the air (nothing like this, obvious only to us, but still delicious).

We also had a sports anchor team who anyone watching would have thought were the world’s best buddies, hanging out all the time watching the game together. It was a testament to their talent and professionalism because while they didn’t hate each-other off the air it was clear that they didn’t exactly enjoy each-other’s company either. Their bonhomie basically switched off at exactly the same moment as the “On Air” sign.


These old dinosaurs puff themselves up so much, present with such authority … when/if they do retire, everyone has only the nicest things to say.

A week later, station managers respond to a flurry of accusations of sexual assault and job harassment, dude tries to talk way out of it… eventually goes to trial, he shows up all frail… can’t get good seats at the stake restaurant, reputation tattered… tries hand at this ‘blog’ thing all the kids are doing…


White guy goes to bat for downtrodden corporation.

Film at 11.






From Dick Oliver’s IMDB bio:

On 11 September 2001, he was taping an interview at New York’s City Hall near the World Trade Center when the attack commenced; he was the first reporter on the scene, narrowly missing death when told by a policeman not to get closer to the disaster just before the second plane hit the South Tower.


Why did the one guy used to be the other guy’s boss and then wasn’t?

Another great bit (doesn’t have the elegance and nuance of Ryan and Olive fighting it out, but fast food is better than nothing at all):

Probably because of shit like that. :wink:

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