Former employees share harrowing tales of Jimmy Fallon's abusive behavior on "The Tonight Show"

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Did anyone try tousling his hair to humanize him and minimize his autocratic leanings?


I personally had good experiences in my brief time working at a Hollywood effects company, but there are a ton of places in the industry where inexcusable toxic behavior is tolerated. Adam Conover just did an interview discussing that:


Well that was a quick turn around. The Rolling Stones seemed pretty content with Fallon in London yesterday.


Ah, the moment when I truly began to hate, rather than dislike, Fallon.


I remember several years ago when Fallon nearly amputated his own finger thinking that his explanation for how the injury happened sounded like the bullshit stories I used to make up for explaining how I got various injuries when I was black out drunk, and I wondered at the time if he might have a problem. This story makes me even more certain of that. He sounds exactly like an alcoholic in active addiction. If he weren’t a celebrity, he likely would have lost his job a long time ago. Regardless of the root cause, NBC should not tolerate this behavior from anyone, but they clearly do.


It probably happens when he runs out of cheesy dad jokes to string together to get through his interviews and he’s forced to have an actual conversation with a guest, god forbid.


Wait till everyone finds out how bad Youtuber’s act!!!


Saw this article recently which shows the ripple effect of abuse and the culture of turning a blind eye on the power hungry:

Extremely talented man?
Give me an effing break


Any reading on the history of SNL will tell you what a toxic waste dump working there could be, even back in the Not Ready For Primetime Players days. Al Franken, in particular, comes off as a huge asshole.


Especially in the Not Ready For Primetime Players days. It was a toxic waste dump of misogyny and racism and the women and the one black performer just had to take it. Jane Curtin has been blunt about the atmosphere there, catering to the “geniuses”.


I regret that I only have one like to give in service of this most expert of burns.


Many truly funny people in the entertainment industry can be quite difficult to deal with.

Apparently, so can Jimmy Fallon.




“It was like, if Jimmy is in a bad mood, everyone’s day is ruined. People wouldn’t joke around in the office, and they wouldn’t stand around and talk to each other. It was very much like, focus on whatever it is that you have to do because Jimmy’s in a bad mood, and if he sees that, he might explode.”

“Sometimes we would get nice Jimmy, but those times were not frequent.”

Sounds a lot like living with an alcoholic parent.


I want to know how things were on his previous show. If he was always like this, then he’s an asshole through and through. If this is a result of a promotion to a more stressful job, then he’s someone who is exceptionally bad at dealing with stress – but also still an asshole.

I linked his being on the podcast Strike Force Five in another thread. Now I’m curious how his staff feels about the good PR he’ll get from it and if he did it out of the kindness of his heart or not wanting to be the one who said no.


“It was just really, really sad to me that this extremely talented man…”

Stop right there with the Stockholm Syndrome.

(And it’s always the kmowingly-least-talented that create this kind of environment.)

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That’s really disappointing. There’s something about Fallon that i just never really liked him, even before becoming a late night show host. It wasn’t until recently that i started to think that maybe i’ve had it all wrong because the only thing i heard about him was how him working with artists and musicians in his show has made a difference. And i avidly listen to Questlove’s podcast and he’s never spoken ill of him so maaaybe i was the asshole for not liking him. If these allegations are true (and i’m sure they are) then holy cow this guy can get bent and i’m glad i never spent my time on him.


You know, I’ve watched some of his openers on youtube, and he just isn’t funny, likable, or really interesting. Especially compared to Kimmel and Colbert. His delivery is not good. Each time I decide to listen I get reminded of why I don’t usually.

Also, The Roots are 1000x too cool for that show. Does he have blackmail on Questlove?


When The Roots joined Fallon, it was a combo of being sick of touring and…making a human pyramid?

“By all accounts, the members of The Roots were ready for something approximating a day job. The rigors of touring were starting to weigh on them as it meant leaving behind families and relationships for long stretches of time. As Questlove commented on around the time the news broke of their Late Night deal, “I don’t know if I want to be 40 on the road and single no more… I can’t even start to go on that path ‘til a woman takes me seriously. And ain’t no one taking a man serious who is in his home for only three months out the year.”