Clever use of Oz yard signs results in anti-Oz message

Originally published at: Clever use of Oz yard signs results in anti-Oz message | Boing Boing


Well done!


Sort of a side note: I don’t think people realize how much those corrugated plastic signs cost, usually starting around $10 for a standard lawn-sized signs. Campaigns that order from a local unionized print shop are paying a premium to put money where their mouth is.

If you have a preferred candidate and you want a sign, make sure you toss them a few dollars to cover signs for you and your neighbours. If you can.

(On the converse if there’s someone you don’t like you can also order several signs and use them to patch the holes in the shed. Why do they keep going missing?)

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And I may be wrong, but I thought that one had to make a campaign donation to get a sign, so this joke would be funding Dr Oz’ campaign.


Well, campaigns like this one will certainly want lawn-sign-takers on their donors list but when you’ve got that kind of money I doubt that it’s a prerequisite.

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