Clitter is glitter of sparkly vulvas, boobs and ovaries


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When wrapping a gift for a small child, I like to put a pinch of glitter inside the wrapping paper.


Clitter Poppers! ™


All this backstory is retconned. We all know the pun came first…




Someone heard the old Demitri Martin line and started thinking hard.

(Haha, “thinking hard”.)


Oh wow, other shapes for sea life to choke on?



Whew, I was afraid for a second that this was glitter for vaginas, and that’s not remotely healthy.



You monster.


That’s thinking outside the box!


I used to work with a guy who would take all the animation stand paper hole punch confetti we generated as a byproduct of animating, and he’d load it into places like your pop-open umbrella on a rainy New York City day.

He was the same guy that animated the original “The More You Know” shooting star.


You know, I’m all for gender equality, but if having to make this (or the penis-glitter I gather also exists) is the catalyst for some factory worker somewhere finally reaching the breaking point and starting the bloody revolution that ends with me up against a wall… I gotta say, fair enough.


According to one biographer, Bogey referred to this movie as “… Dr. Clitoris.” So, not far off.


Now THAT’S how you drop a name!


All they have to do a few craft projects… they’ll get it there.


Ban this sick filth.


Oh, that ‘Cosmo…’ article is pure poppy, edgy, short-attention-span-ny eye-cancer. I dare you.